Love Songs - The Way to A Woman's Heart

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Greetings DLiver's!

Long time no see!!
I hope you are all well :D

Today I bring you a lovely little tune that will turn some heads if you play it well.
The song is called Unchained melody and it is by The Righteous Brothers.
It isn't the full song but drop a comment below if you want a lesson for the full version.

Now music is a funny game..
You could write the best guitar solo, or instrumental arrangement ever, and play it to a chick and she would probably be a bit weak at the knees..
But play her a 4 chord classic and she may well be on the floor doing donuts on her back like Homer Simpson.
We can all relate to a love song eh.
And that stuff sells!!!!

Fun fact of the day.
There are more people out there that don't play music than there are that do, so don't be alarmed if your youtube video of you blazing out an amaazing solo only has 100 views while the pop songs are getting thousands :D
That's just the way it is :(

Hope you enjoy.
Feel free to smash some tips on it :D
Yeeeoow :D

My video is at DLive

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I always love your work my man, thank you very very much for sharing


Thankyou buddy :D
Sorry its a late reply!

You're so musically talented and I appreciate you sharing those talents!
Music is such a wonderful phenomenon and there are many songs that can accomplish many different things (such as the song you just shared that could potentially get someone a girlfriend 😉).

I'm also a musician and I'm a huge believer in the power of music and how alluring, healing, and touching it can be!
I look forward to hearing more of your music soon 😏


Thankyou life :D
Sorry for the late reply!!
I had a bit of a break but I'm baaaaack :D ha

Thank you for the kind words and you are darn right with the word phenomenon! everybody has different qualities, hand dimensions, musical thoughts, personalty, man the list goes on,,,
It is truly magical :D

I am listening to your performance of A Great Big World and wow!!
As an Englishman would say,,, bloody beautiful :D
Can you play guitar?

nice to see you back here jefftheloveguru :)


Cheers Turts :D
Soz for the delay, have been a busy bee.
Hope the sun is still shining down there.


na its not sunny anymore mate, only in my head :)


:( In my head I am in bed with Jennifer Aniston playing thumb wars..


ha ha , i bet you let her win too :)

Very interesting romance advice, strum on!