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RE: How I Break Out Of My Vlogging Comfort Zone

in #dlive3 years ago

hahah thanks so so much!!!! I would LOVE to see your stuff! And yes, it's always the process that is fun, when you make it - you can laugh about how crappy you were before but hey, that's why it IS a journey!! hahaha, are you on instagram btw? I might do an Instagram live soon! Come join me there! @littlenewthings


Oh I don't do mainstream media. I am hardly there now. Steemit is something I do the most and I always prefer to be the one behind the lens instead of in front of the lens. (If you are looking at my profile picture you'd probably get the idea)

The last time I did was a short raffle recording with @elizacheng a long time ago (almost a year now), but I won't really share it anymore because someone in the video now becomes one of the most despised person in the Internet world (somewhat).

And this post was only my voice over for the From Junk to Glamour: Raffle #1 Results

ah ha ha ha ha...

But maybe one day I might do a nice one but I'd definitely be getting someone to join me along first. haha.