Bomb Loops Vol. 2 | Royalty free Trap & Hip Hop music loops. | First on Steemit and DLive!

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Enjoy this new set of 10 Trap and Hip Hop music loops that you can use for whatever you see fit. All the loops featured in Bomb Loops are rendered in WAV 24-bit format.

Download "Bomb Loops Vol. 2" here:!yfwUDCoa!Wf_AjXfgrKq821mc9A1a9g

If you find these loops useful, please upvote, share and comment. Thanks.

My video is at DLive

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grabbed em! thanks! and thanks for checking out my music :)


thank you very much for the good feedback and support man :D i do like your music, a lot of talent right there!


crap I was logged into the wrong account. Bad @SirCork, bad... damn. Well, enjoy the accidental gift, i'm not gonna unvote and take 18 cents back.

Thank you, @sircork for resteeming this and bringing this awesome creator, Jantrax to my know. Hey, Jan! I appreciate your offering and contribution to the platform. I am currently trying my hand on some video editing, and I find these loops to be useful. I just shared with my brother who is a producer/artist. Following your blog for more 😉


that's what i'm talking about man! go and create something very cool with them :D thank you so much for sharing and following @misterakpan! more awesome loops soon!