Real Talk with Shane and Isaria: It's Time to Collect Steem!

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Last week we made a video about people wanting to leave Steemit. It was great to see the interaction in the comments. There were still some people feeling negative about the Steemit experience so we wanted to talk about why now is the best time to be gathering Steem.



  • When the value of Steem is low, you actually get more Steem and SP on your post payouts.

  • Now is the time to be making kick-ass posts on a daily basis to collect as much Steem as you can.

  • When the value of Steem rises again you'll have more Steem and will, therefore, be as happy as a clam on cloud nine like a dog with two tails grinning from ear to ear.

  • Cats.


Bottom Line

This cat wants you to keep posting and gathering that Steem!

My video is at DLive

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hahahah the cats and the dogs!!!! yussssss

It's sort of like buying into the market when it's low, but the currency is great content, right? I get it.

I also have found that as a relatively unknown writer on the platform, I actually get more rewards from engaging with people on the platform than from my blog posts. I'm sure the engagement is what will get attention for my posts over time though, so still technically working on the same thing.

One post might take the same amount of time as engaging with 25 other peoples posts though, so I will probably get more steem through engagement as I find my audience.


"I also have found that as a relatively unknown writer on the platform, I actually get more rewards from engaging with people on the platform than from my blog posts."
Absolutely! That's the most effective way to make friends/followers.
Joining Discord communities is also helpful.
Thanks for your comment!

I just noticed that people hardly post lately. The #introduceyourself tag Isn't that crowded like it uses to be. If there a chance for curie to notice your outstanding content, it is now that people hardly post.
By the way, No matter how low the price of steem goes, i still prefer it to other shitty social media where i waste my time all day and get absolutely nothing in return.


I completely agree! I don't waste my time on FB anymore.

Totally agree. I may be too broke to buy, but am using every chance I get to try and build my profile manually. No better time than now

Reasons for keep going: cats, cats, caaaaaats!!!


I think that's going to be my next video. I'll just say "Cats" over and over. lol

So true @isaria , I just wish I didnt need to power down all the time to pay my rent , I would for sure be saving it all up! great post, upped and resteemed!✌👌💕


I second that :/ bills bills bills


Thanks 😊👍👍👍

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Bills = poop


Ugh I know all about that. Every week my husband is like "Send me your steem for bills" and I'm like:


It really sucks when all I want to do is power up! Now I don't even have rent money so for me it doesn't help that the price keeps dropping which is great for buying! Now I had to do a post showcasing my best Steem Monster Cards for sale after my car repairs left me short on rent. It's always one thing after another 😫🙄🤯😤🤑

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Thanks for the heads up!

Also I haven't tried Dlive yet, but maybe I'll give it a got for one of my live streams this week!


Yeah try it for sure....I haven't had any issues yet.....very easy to use.

Thanks for the advice @isaria, greetings :)


You're welcome!

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your post is interesting i'm starting follow you :)