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time will learn when smt will be there, I hope soon. I hope it will bring some good to steem.. DLive can be a game changer for steem, I don't think steemit will attract a lot of people..

yeah, I'm looking forward to this as well. I think most of us want to experiment with a different way the rewards are distributed. Account weight not being the most important factor will definitely change the way people get rewarded on DLive. SMT's in the summer of 2019? Cmon don't scare me like that! I'm sure SMT's will come out somewhere around the same time EOS launches!


I kinda doubt it, I'd expect it in Sept, or Oct at the earliest, but hopefully I'm wrong.


That would be my guess also.

I'm looking forward to it also. I do wonder what will be the value of buying or holding the account based SMT tokens if your stake doesn't increase your voting power within the reward pool. Maybe I don't quite understand the intent.


@robert-call yeah , but people still hold Bitcoin even without staking rewards. Also they could have in app purchases of some kind.


True. I just worry that the anti whale/investor mentality is going to make it hard for some SMT tokens to hold any value. Maybe new SMT's are destined to be the crypto equivalent to Reddit Karma. Atleast with SMT we can experiment on what architecture is ideal. Stake vs User Account

Anarcho-Capitalist vs Socialist. 😁


@robert-call shitcoins? nah.. haha, joking. I'm going to be hodling the robert-call coin obv. But seriously i think some will have some value. and at least they'll be tradable with steem instantly.

I am patiently waiting for SMT tokens to be launched. 2019 actually seems too long.

Smart Media Tokens will boost the growth of the Steem network, as well as increase the price of Steem!

As successful businesses that incorporate SMTs grow, they will be required to hold more Steem Power to keep sufficient bandwidt, thereby boosting demand for the token.

With each new SMT that chooses to use influence sharing, the utility of holding Steem Power grows. This should boost demand for Steem as the usability and value of Steem Power increases with new SMTs.

Well we all sure will like it to the end ;)

Eagerly waiting for the SMT'S .It will be a game changer as a matter of fact.

this could be really interesting lets see how it goes

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This is very excellent thanks for everything the dirtiest of my great effort

Ok.. what will determine STEEM price? Aren't all SMT purchases based on STEEM price?

Dlive Token is going to be Epic! I'll ride the ship with you too brother till the end!