(EASY!!) How to fix OBS Black Screen💻

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Hey @DLive,

I have been receiving some feedback from you about my #IRL #livestreaming here on DLive and some of you seem to have questions about how to resolve certain issues within OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), which you may obtain here, for free.

If you've ever tried to host a livestream where you share your browser window, but it's black, you know how frustrating it can be!

I personally looked through a ton of tutorials that simply didn't work, before I discovered this one simple fix which allowed me to share my Chrome and Firefox browser windows after changing one setting.

It doesn't get any easier than that!

Let me know what you think of this tutorial! Also, do you have any questions about OBS that I can help with?

(I gave myself a brain transplant in order to learn to use this thing, so I might be able to help!! I'm working on more tutorials to come, so stay tuned!!)


My video is at DLive

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Hola amigo, nuevamente saludos desde Venezuela, como sabes yo soy músico y me encantaría poder transmitir vídeos en directo, pero nunca he podido, espero me ayude tu material para publicar en directo.
Gracias amigo.
Saludos desde Venezuela, @intuitivejakob



Hola @kantos, buscaría obtener el software que mencioné en el video. Es lo que uso para mis transmisiones y si vas a https://help.dlive.io, tienen algunas instrucciones sobre cómo configurarlo para livestream.


Pues, he probado el OBS pero tengo dos cosas que posiblemente no me ayudan:

  • Que sea un problema por el mal internet de mi país
  • Que la memoria ram y/o procesador de mi pc no sean suficientes

  • Seguiré averiguando, pero "no me daré por vencido". Gracias por tu apoyo, siempre, amigo.

    Informative video hope it will solve issues of the people who are facing certain problems.


    Hi @kheightces, thanks for checking out my video!