[IRL Thursday!]

in dlive •  6 months ago


Hey Friends!

What are you up to on this Thursday!?

@DLive is running a cool #IRL campaign now, so I'm having fun with this!

I'm home, making dinner, playing with Jolie, listening to music, and about to make a DIY birdfeeder out of some repurposed items I have around the house!

I may be switching on some anime in a little bit too!

Come say hi if you want!


My live stream is at DLive

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I hope to start broadcasting live on dlive soon, I've uploaded some videos, but live it's been difficult for me, I hope to start soon.
Thanks friend @intuitivejakob


Hey man, I hope you can start broadcasting live, too! That would be very cool! I know the connections have a way to go now, but I have a feeling it is all going to be improving! 💘


Seguro que sí... Pronto todo va a mejorar. Un abrazo enorme, querido amigo mío.