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Hey Friends,

It's time for the FUN in the ER for ALL so, #MAGICK PARTY SHAKERS in the Happy makers.

#H8ers nailed it, so, thanks for the #Spanx.

The only way to ever make that stank ass hammer @aggroed and @fulltimegeek tried to nail us all into with that lousy @papa-pepper and the @acidyo-NO-WAY on your @fyrstykken to the #tellitubbynightmare they were perpetuating on @DTube while sucking out something to chew on while making #vaporfaces out of other peep-hole's #music...to crown a real blueball winner in that Stella that bellow'd it all for that banana thing in the Oh NO YOU DON't........ #666 for the Sneezing and the Coffee Chocolate stuff.

Now you get #PartyWhippits from the !#PartyMilkshake! #333

You fed it. And now hopefully you were sealed in the #Martinez deal with the #ZAAZ-jaw...because FOLOS.NET has the ONLY safe food deals anymore...

And if you were smartypants, you took the #444 and were in the 84 drawer.

Bee-coz, #Payback is a b!tch if you try to trick the wrong AVID-DAD.................................

A Child A-Vid...

P.S. - And you've landed in the right stew, so...chew.

Hit 'em hard on CSGO, son. You know who you are and show them why we're real #Mexican...

P.P.S. - I hope you're PIssed, like my mad Uncle Ed with the PhDaddy. Please make them stop @AllSeeingEwe & @FrankBacon...The Nazi Jewface Buddhist Nigger Lover is the only one who cared, like the guy they keep blaming in Texas.

My live stream is at DLive

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Jakob! I missed this stream but I put your IRL campaign reward on here.


Hey @jimmylin, thank you for this! I am so happy that I got to be on the top of this list for this one. It was a huge chunk of my heart and a very special meeting that I'm happy is forever on the blockchain.

And in the name of #IRL for the living beings who were never staked except to prove what never came (ever), I say the credit has been paid on the proof, while the ones who were never nailed get to be appreciated for witnessing that skanky J crap swallow itself in hungry chugging gulps.

What a way to make that smile last on my face in such a pretty way.

I love you so muchly and thank G.O.D. we know how to be decent in a real friend and fam way here on @DLive!!


No. Absolutely, 100% no. I want nothing to do with this. I asked you not to tag me in this kind of thing just moments ago. You have shown me blatant disrespect by immediately turning around and doing so. I don't appreciate that and feel I have done nothing to deserve being mistreated in this way. I would never disregard your feelings the way you have just done mine. I have always tried to be a good friend and source of support for you and it really hurts to see this happen.


Magick speak can. Slam the hand that upvoted into the real smasher.

Thanks for being here again sir i love your videos so much,thank you once again.


Hey man, nice to have you here. Always appreciate you being kind about what is shaking around. 💘✌😎💕

I am very glad to see you again sir this is really awesome,have a great day sir.


Hey @eastmund, so nice to have you here and I'm happy that you choose to be #IRL! 💘