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Hey Friends,

I'm back for my second OBS Tutorial! This time, on how to do selective cropping (A.K.A. alt cropping) with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

If you've ever wanted to select what part of a screen share, camera, display, or other source to show up on your OBS stream, this is for you!

In this DLive Exclusive OBS Tutorial, I will show you, step-by-step. Nice and easy!

In case you missed it, yesterday I did my first OBS Tutorial, (EASY!!) How to fix OBS Black Screen💻 here!

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of this tutorial!

Let's get to it!!


P.S. - Do you have any questions about OBS that I can help with?

And would you be interested in seeing me walk you through a whole OBS setup that is geared toward the absolute beginner??

P.P.S. - Make sure you follow my friend @LyndsayBowes! That's whose Twitter post you were seeing in this tutorial!

My video is at DLive

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Thanks for sharing those wonderful information

nice, as I just recently downloaded obs this is a nice little trick. Thank a bunch


Hey @jlsplatts, great to meet you! Happy to hear you got OBS for yourself! It's such a cool program.

I'm going to check out your feed on DLive! Hit me up if I can help with anything. I'm around and I'll be doing more of these.


I have been using Dlive with Live air solo for ios to do live streams on the go. Now I would like to get things setup at the house. just in case my son @lil-splatts (10)wants to do some gameplay.
Awesome I will be keeping an eye out for more informative tutorials


Nice, man! That is so cool! I'm happy you're doing all of this. I love DLive. It's my home here.

That is very awesome that you and your son are doing this together. Way to go on that. I am the only one in my family who has gotten into this, but I'm constantly the "black sheep!"

Look forward to staying in touch. And if you wanna team up on a game some time, I'm currently sucking bigtime at Fortnite, but it ends up being comedy and could be fun! lol


OMG I am not a gamer by any means. I do play some serious Mario Kart though. LOL I just recently downloaded fortnite and um...ya... like you said it is a comedy routine
i have never been any good at those first person style games. I have no clue how to do any of that stuff but i will slowly figure it out. I am a high Voltage lineman not a gamer Ha ha ha

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