😱Dtube vs Dlive; Which is better? Two Video Uploading Platform based on Steem! @dlive😱

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What is going on everyone. Today, we are going to talk about the two video uploading platform based on Steem, which is @dtube and @dlive. We will match them on and find out what are the positives and the negatives of both platforms.

Disclaimer: Both of this platform I didn't talk about them in making this video. This post is for purely educational purpose only and not meant to offend anybody nor to give a financial advice to anyone out there.

If you can't play the video, you can watch it from here.

I am not a technical person so I will just give my personal opinion from the amount of time I am using this two different entity. And also consider that @dlive and @dtube is still relatively new in this space and it takes more time to grow, just expect that it is still wasn't perfect.

First is the @dtube. What is @dtube?

DTube is an application fully written in javascript, that runs in the browser, that allows you to upload and watch videos on top of the IPFS Network. Moreover, it uses STEEM as a database and enables earning rewards from your uploads.



  1. It is based on Steem that gives us the ability to earn Steem token.
  2. It is more similar to Youtube that gives its users a familiarity. It is also more user-friendly because of its user interface.
  3. It is fast-upload so you will not find yourself spending a massive amount of time just uploading your video.
  4. If you are using Busy.org and want to watch a video uploaded in dtube, you can watch it there and it will not throw out you in their website.


There are negatives but just what I said that this platforms are relatively new and still far from perfection.

  1. If you mistakenly put a wrong title, you are screwed. By mistake I misspelled one word in the title, I try to edit one of my videos but I failed to changed it.
  2. There are times that it gets too many errors when I try to upload some video.

This is the only thing I can say about @dtube as far as I am concerned.

What is @dlive?

DLive is the first decentralized video live streaming platform that is built on Steem! It can be seen as the Twitch on the Steem blockchain including, but not limited to, gaming contents.


  1. It is based on Steem that gives us the ability to earn Steem token.
  2. It offers us the opportunity to go live.
  3. It is also similar to Youtube that gives its users a familiarity to a video platform.
  4. Offers a donation button.


  1. It is much slower to upload your video compared to @dtube.
  2. Sometimes when you watch the video it buffers a lot.

So my final thoughts...

Both of this platforms are still in early development but from what I see that they put so much time and effort to bring the best quality in their product. We just need to wait and see what the future would bring to us. Also, competition is more favorable to the consumer because the company competes with each other to bring more values to their customer. Until next time thank you for watching.

Also, I really do love Ramen!🍲😁


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My video is at DLive

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Both Dlive and Dtube have a common point of agreement - to run in steem blockchain and making it more relevant and best block chain than others, In fact steem b'chain is 2nd in the list just next to etheruem. The more platform that use steem b'chain, the more the price of steem to rise and be the face of crypto soon, hopefully.

Dlive and Dtube have both pros and cons but in spite of that we can use the 2 live streaming hand-in-hand for our advantage and mind you, we will earn simultaneously in both of these platforms :)

personally i like dlive .. dtube many time a lot of error and does not allow to upload.. dlive seems also have a andriod app too..

well said 😅

i really liked it

after reading 10 of your contents ,i have realized that you are hard-worker,courageous and very passionate please keep it up brother @hiroyamagishi

Great breakdown! I can't wait to learn more about both!

@hiroyamagishi As i am new to steem it , Thanks for this post . I didnt know about these two platforms but with your post i am able to learn what is it about and i am also gonna try these two videos platform
First i think i will be trying d-tube ? What do you think

Dtube is pretty cool. You'll probably like it. Since you're new to Steemit let me suggest for you to follow a couple cool communities. I'd really like to see growth in them and they need more good people. Check out @coderotation and @the-en.

I will suggest you try both

Dlive better😍

@hiroyamagishi I recently used both platform, and after 1 week I found more positive things in DLive like Super Faster than Dtube and streaming load is awesome working and it's user friendly with my mobile.

Thanks for this blog to find out camparison between both platform.

great 😃

I love Dtube, but it's slow and buggy as hell. Sometimes it doesn't even work on Chrome, so I have to switch to firefox.

I love D tube and thank you for the comparison.

At first glance they compete, but DTube is the true YouTube alternative and that's better for adoption; not necessarily the better steem app. I prefer DLive.

very good post bro plz upvote and follow me

@hiroyamagishi I use Dlive which is better and faster than dTube for me in India... My dTube not working showing unknown error after i click Submit

I am getting same error before but I tried to log out and it works like charm for me..

sir i think Dtube is better than Dlive .........

Ok thanks i will check again after logout

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@hiroyamagishi nice blog, I got some knowledge from you blog. thanks

@hiroyamagishi thanks for shearing your experience, upvoted and restreem thanks.

I use Dlive. Dtube is not used yet. But I just opened this account. This is YouTube's younger brother. There was 1 question, Can I upload YouTube's videos here?

You can upload your youtube videos. You can upload your video wherever you want. As long as it not copyrighted

yes we can post our video at both side and we can earn both side

i didn't use dlive yet, but i used d tube, d tube is the best way bcoz at this platform providing good steem power and this is better for me

No doubt D.tube will go long way

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Thanks for the comparison :) tipuvote!

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perfect analysis .. @hiroyamagishi

I think dtube is the best....

all in all steem is best

good post

I am a new parson in steemit ..thanks for useful information for growth steemit plz tell me first plateform to use ..dlive or dtube..plz ans me..thanks again

use both 😀

Dtube is best and there is no comparison between them : )

great job. i wil follow you

i raken it a better step in this modern compition of internet and social media influance the people most. i appreciate Dtube as well


Fantastic work with this one, kudos

I think boths better

Dtube is better i think what you say?

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Both are good at their place...dtube is fast but in this we cannot edit the title of the video and dlive is much more slower than dtube but it has many more features..so my opinion is use both platforms and then Decide.

I hope once It will be app for Dtube and Dlive wich will allow you to upload video or stream it from all mobile devices.

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You are writing good
If these two platforms improve themselves than no one can stop them from moving ahead.if talk any other platform, there nobody earn money by just watching or write comments.
that is the beauty of these platforms. Here, both the creator and watcher can earn money.so Both are equally interested.

  ·  last year (edited)

Personally I prefer Dlive...........
esp. after design and functionality were extremely improved :)

My personal experience is dtube is better than dlive.
Because this one was easy to use.
And it's also better than YouTube

They are both good I hope we could upload the same video to both of them...

Who want to be my best friend


Both the sites are good although u mentioned some negative points but i think these are not giving much trouble ,over all both are friendly & every one should work on these both sites.

they will definitely improve in the future

you are looking so cute

@ritushekhawat i will give you follow and up vote we will support each other

Can you spport me.

i am not try DLIVE and DTUBE yet. But which thing you describe in this post so I will use it. so I am very excited to try this platform as like as youtube.

Good comparison to understand difference between 2 application , great efforts , pls continue the good job , I am sure buffering problem would be resolved soon in the new update

Yeah, let's hope that buffering will go away soon.

Dtube all the way.


Looks like new Indian Avenger.

I kinda thought Dtube was for more edited/episodic videos and that Dlive was for streaming

both are good.

Dtube because of that dlive is not famous and don't know anyone about that.

I think being famous is not the basis, even crypto is not famous compare to Visa Credit card but we believe it will disrupt the payment system

both are okay , but my experience wasn't good enough , i worked on dtube but didn't got revenue of my work and then jumped towards dlive. still the same lol

dTube dies too easy while I try to upload even the smallest video file.

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try to log out and login

yes ..@hiroyamagishi its true dlive is better then dtube

For me I think Dlive is better

This contents is very nice!

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steemit is going to take over google

Dlive better😍 very good post


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Great article. I have noticed that Dtube allows for up to 1080 resolution whereas Dlive is only 720. In my case I need the higher resolution for my videos because they are very detailed and the lower resolution does not cut it. Most of my videos that I created for Youtube are in 4K and I have had to down step them for Dtube. I would love to see Dtube move up to 4K and truly compete with Youtube. Upvoted and following! Happy Steeming!

you must be a real vlogger for noticing this detail information, followed you buddy 😃

Thanks! My animations require a high level of detail unlike the typical talking head video. In a typical video large areas of similar color and value are grouped into blocks by the compression algorithms. I have no large areas to compress. This means that if I use a lower resolution the compression will turn my stuff into pixelated crap. When rendering. I use a very high bitrate for the data in order to retain the detail without suffering too much compression artifacts. I am glad that Dtube has at least the 1080 resolution option. It is about as small a size as I am willing to go otherwise it would be a waste of time. I do post often, so stay tuned. Happy Steeming!

I totally agree with everything u said sir, Thanks

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DLive hands down

what is you opinen

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The most important point should be.
Do they take a cut of you earnings and how much?

I think the most important thing is that both (Dtube & Dlive) should have the ability to be embedded here on Steemit Posts. Instead of taking you off of it.

I guess there's good too by going to their dedicated sites.

Hence they should have the options to do both (embedded & go to site)

Good information. Thanks.

i have a question. its very important to me. kindly answer it.
can i upload my video in multiple dlive account?
i want to open another account. i know my face will be same if my upload in my another dlive account. but is there any problem?

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nice comparison Bro. thanks for sharing.

dtube is best

I have used @Dtube a few times and love it! But I have never tried @Dlive, thank you for the video and the pros and cons, I think I will give Dlive a shot and see which one I prefer!

I have understood difference and work from you thanxx a lot @hiroyamagishi

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yeah it is always great to see how both platforms will grow and I just hope the communities keep supporting eachother and grow all together :D

  ·  last year (edited)

I've been able to fix titles for my Dtube videos...

After I saw your comment I tried to edit the title of my videos on dtube but still get this error. Hope it can be fix in the future.


After 7 Days?

no, still wasn't 7 days. even to the newly uploaded video 🤔🤔🤔

Strange must be a bug in the system. Try to edit the title and put like a . dot in the body after all the text to see if that works.

We post video content on DTube multiple times a week but haven't given DLive a shot yet. Will have to try it out and see!

For my personal experience, @dlive is the one who upvotes my post almost every day. Dtube is not often as dlive but gives me a larger amount of vote. By the way, they are both good platforms and we want see them grow in the future bcoz they are both in one family of Steem.

good blog bhai

thanks for the info! I also did a video a couple days ago about 5 new sites being run off the Steem Blockchain , its very awesome and exciting times!😀👍✌💕

@hiroyamagishi well said that both of these platforms are in early stage and will require more time to get more user friendly features. they are following youtube concept but google is already a king and other players have long way to go.

Steem is best ;)

I want also try once dtube

Great report...
My video in dtube also buffers a lot in 1080p quality (called: source).
But thats normal? Or is there a reason affected of my video?`
regular Download is 1.3 Mbit/s...

Perhaps someone knows and can help??

hello @hiroyamagishi thanks for the great post, i really like that, that's why resteem it.