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What is going on guys. Today, we going to talk about a good payment system. One of the things that makes a great blockchain is making it more user friendly to people for making a payment. Fortunately, Steem is a great contender for making this a reality because of fast transaction speed and no cost or no fee in every transactions.

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Our friend @asbear did started a web app that will make our life more easier to make a payment on Steem, the web app is called SteemPay.

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What is SteemPay?

If you check his post you will see that, Steempay is an application to enable Steem Dollars to be used for on / offline commerce. The ultimate goal that I want to achieve through this project is making Steem Dollars to become the best cryptocurrency for selling or buying the real stuff.

The link to this post...

If you will check the hashtag #SteemPay there are now some merchants especially in South Korea now using the SteemPay because of its easy to use webapp.

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You can visit the official website in https://steempay.co and sign up your own account. Once you signed up, you can now login in to your account.

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Go to the settings, you may want to add your Steem account first. You can also add your account in the exchanger, for me I prefer Bittrex.

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If you do not know where to get your personal SBD wallet code you can check it from your Bittrex account. This is my own wallet code, just copy and paste it to the SteemPay. Be careful not to use this because you will send your funds in my account.


I give it a shot and tried to send steem dollar to my account by scanning the QR code.

First I go to instant sell and created a transaction and a QR code where my funds will be sent.

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Then I choose Scan to Pay and begin to scan the QR code to send my payment. Next step is click Pay with Steemconnect and login your account in Steemconnect.

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I can check my wallet history that I successfully sent the steem dollar. You can also check my wallet history in my account.


Thats it for today if you still do not have an account on Steem. That is the first thing you want to do to use the SteemPay. Please follow me and thank you for watching.

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