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If you are still reading and listening to my video I congratulate you because you survived the worst depression that was happened in crypto market.

In my opinion this is the best time to be married in one project that you really believe. If you believe Bitcoin you must put all your efforts to accumulate more Bitcoin and stick in the one project that you believe in the long term. Long term is something 3 years and above. Many people are really being bored just for waiting and telling me that 3 years are long but I asked them that it is a short period of time to become financial independent. It is substantial that not needed for us to be dependent in our company or salary.

To stop hoping that your boss will not fire you one day if he wants to. Many are asking if cryptos is dead? You know guys like the famous investor said that buy when the market is low and everyone is in great fear. The winning probability right now is much greater that it was 20k dollar bitcoin last december. Like what happened in dot com bubble, many projects will not be around in 5 years in time so do not invest in shit coins and quick flip of profit. The technology will stay until the end and as long as internet exist. Maybe if one day, if north korean leader launch their nuclear war then it will massively will damage all maybe including the satelites and internet provider...

But come on guys, if that happens it is not only the cryptos and bitcoin will be affected but all company including banks, because today the money is created through only numerical numbers in the computer that doesn't have any corresponding paper money in their vault. I mean no fiat money but just a number in the screen.

The crypto user growth is much larger and the growth similar to the developement of internet. in just over 9 years we are compared to internet in developement of 4 years as you can see in the graph. The internet bubble peek last 2001. We may never know what will but we must consider to stick in to a good long term project. thank you guys for watching

My video is at DLive

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Wow grat video i think you are try your best you will success

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In good time, I agree with you, the fact is that many, many in steemit, for example, are just publishing and publishing with the mere aim of making some immediate profit, but do not reinvest in the platform or its growth within it. It is sad that this is happening on other platforms and that the consequences are general for everyone. I urge we must invest in the platform...

None other there are socialist, capitalist, monarchical, democratic, anarchist, ecological, feminist, patriarchal, egalitarian, hierarchical, racist, left-wing, right-wing, manipulation of world

I agree with you!!! We should keep calm and just wait

Saludos desde Venezuela!

This indeed great, u have sensitized us about this new ideal, crypto currency is the only way to go in this era,

thanks for the vedeo