BOXDEL czyli człowiek, który za profit wejdzie każdemu w tyłek

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Quoting the biggest idiot and ass on the Polish tube, which is the BOXDEL "Of course Łukasz Wawrzyniak is very good person", "He is really good person", "I wonder what stage of stupidity we reached when a friend is put on the pedestal, who deceived 160 thousand people in premium text messages using the logos of well-known brands... I probably know there will be people who will write "but the regulations were available to all! Well, yes, but the rules were talking about SMS subscription and he offered discount codes that nobody ever got in their life...
Knowing Michał's mentality, probably if even more dirt had emerged and the trench had shined through Wawrzyniak's entire activity, it would have ended like with Gural, i.e. He was a friend, there is no friend... Maybe Boxdel will one day learn how to steal from children... and not the iDelti ears knew, but he didn't say anything because in the end the three were to protect the ass of their friends...
And now it's time to link and show the honesty of Wawrzyniak

Translated with



teraz jeszcze zaczął kopiować od friza...

Bombel podajże dwa lata temu wrzucił bełkot o tym, jak wygląda piekło i powiedział, że za ileś tam lajków będzie o niebie. Prób w jeden dzień wbity, a filmu dalej nie ma. xD

Bombel jest jebnięty na punkcie lajków :P

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