After 7 Months On The Road & Homesick

in dlive •  4 months ago


It's interesting. People told me that after the halfway point of my travels, I will start to miss home. And they were right. I have another 3 months left on my travels and I can truly say that I'm missing the small things that my hometown in USA has.

So in this video, I decided to go by the beach and share some of these thoughts :)

My video is at DLive

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I love to travel it's very fun to know other countries and people, but it's normal that we miss our home, I'm out of my house for studies and you do not know how much I miss my home and especially my mother who is the only one there for me , great video my dear friend je je also miss the sea

Very important to spending time with family.

For me, it's not about missing the country itself but rather missing the comfort and the time you spend with family and close friends.

Although I miss Turkish food, living abroad for over a year, because Turkish food is awesome lol.

A lot of travellers I am friends with often go back to their home countries and stay for a few months there to regain their enthusiasm and energy. Maybe you can do the same.

Best of luck :)


The weather is not that hot over there.
Enjoy Bro