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RE: DLive is Leaving Steem, And This is My Last Blog Post on Steemit

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I asked the developer many months ago to help us with tools to back up dlive videos. They said they would do this, never did. Then they blame Steemians for not using IPFS nodes that require a terminal and knowledge of inputting commands , a userbase that migrated from mainly twitch who know not much about computing or terminals . Now , we have built IPFS bots that work through discord with simple !ipfs480 or !ipfs720 command. Next we add backing up videos to directly to these incredibly fast decentralized ipfs networks via the steem blockchain itself. The costs are also inflated, i tried my best to encourage the culture of "seeding" files. This was not done, it was a simple piece of code added to their list and never was completed, before dumping the ipfs network completely. So compare dlive to YouTube now. YouTUbe has a good UI, And you can earn money. Dlive you can't earn anything now, and the UI isn't the best.


@gray00 Are you talking about DLive or the other video sharing platform? If you are talking about your videos lost on DLive, simply share the link here, and I will have our team members fix it for you immediately.

I'm speaking of the 64,125 USD/Month cost, It could have be eliminated if Dlive had built IPFS applications and encoding on the user end. You will face the same problem in Lino. Take my advice. Invest into building this Application, today. You save 64,125 USD a month. Also release this code open source , so other blockchains can prosper. Thank you for the reply.

My friend, please learn more about IPFS so you will know why they cannot help with live-streaming.

Pardon my ignorance because I don't really know the details, but isn't the cost cited not even about storage+IPFS, and just simply the bandwidth itself required for streaming? Those are separate, no?

When did I say live streaming was a good idea for p2p? @omgk . And why does thepriatebay still run smoothly after a decade and being the former leader of internet traffic for many of those years only to be finally overtaken by Netflix. @eonwarped @omgk. I can post the discord logs if you like.

Nah that's not necessary. I just don't know what's involved in the cost figure, so that's why I'm asking. I assume most of the activity is live streaming bandwidth. Can you get rid of the costs for that?

@wa7 Good man, go ahead the whales coruptas of steemit not change, my energy of success