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Missing your OPED project😟


Hmm... My OPED is finished (after all it was only supposed to be 365 days long), but I'm considering of making some kind of photo project in the future. Keep posted for that! :)

Children do not play to learn, but they learn because they play, if you accompany them always in those experiences you will join more to them, I really consider games as the highest form of learning that a child can have.

Hi gamer ....
How are you ?
After a long time. I think you are very busy with your personal life . But your game is interesting .
Thanks for sharing @gamer00


Thank you! We are fine! :) I'm hoping to soon be able to use Steem a bit more.

Welcome back sir after long time. I enjoy your beautiful dlive gaming.

It's nice to see your article here! I hope you are enjoying the life out of STEEMIT at the moment! But I would like to see your actions here again!
Nice gaming, my computer is not supporting this version of it!


Really longtime no see @gamer00. Welcome back on steemit.

Long time no see!
I think you have been busy in your life.

Glad to see you back buddy :)

While seems like they enjoyed their time in playing ;)

Wow very nice to see you, i missed you, your kids and sweet Ninnu, hope all of you okay.


We are all doing very fine thank you! :) I'll be posting about Ninnu later too. We decided to enter her into a puppy dog show that's coming in September.

Glad to see you . I understand you needed to take a little break. Hope all of you are keeping well.


Thank you! Yep, I feel like I've had a long enough break. Hopefully I get up to speed quickly. :)

Welcome again.
With new powers and ideas.

Yeah, long time no see, but this comeback is epic, 2.34 hrs live stream. Whao. That was a good game.

Good video and good game .
You posted after many days . How are you ?

Amazing game , how your holidays passed ?

2 minutes without any point jajaja you need more practise. Regards


You don't seem to upvote anybody else's comments much. But you upvote your own comments very often causing Steemit to show them at the top. I think you need some practice in commenting. Regards. (Thanks to you, this reply will be at the top, too.)


Hi @markkujantunen think what you want, i just watched the video and after 2 minutes i couldn't see any point in this basketball game, and i wanted to share that, that's it i'm not here to comment just for comment. Regards

I will watch your dlive video,,,very Amazing game,,,,you are very good player of this game,,,,and welcome back sir after long time,,,,how are you,,,,thanks for sharing this great game everyone enjoying this game,,,,