Saarto – Kylmä Kivi 2018 Turnaus/Tournament

in dlive •  4 months ago


The official tournament stream for Saarto Kylmä Kivi 2018 Tournament.

Lahden Saarron virallinen turnaus-striimi vuoden 2018 Kylmä Kivi -turnauksesta.

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That look like a good game

I wish you a lovely morning, my friend

Sorry Jaro, I can't go through this live video at the moment! But I wish you all the best!


Oh wow. It intresting to watch. Game of inteligent people. I have not understand 100% about this game. But looking very intresting. I think black coins has uper hand.

Lahden Saarron virallinen turnaus-striimi vuoden 2018 Kylmä Kivi -turnauksesta.

Which language is this?


Finnish. :)


I'm missing that peas kinda game :/

I cannot play this game!
Will have to learn to play this some day soon!

I heard about this for the first time. Why there is no video available in your DLive only voice which is not clear


There is a video stream alright, it does show up on my browser.


yes after getting longin from Steemconnect login Video is available for me,. Thanks for sharing @gamer00

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

Nice gaming video…thanks for sharing it with us sir
really good game

This seems high qualityyyyyy :D