One Yeti's Perspective #220: Responsibility Of Choice | Toronto | special guest @gmuxx

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A daily vlog means...daily. I know this is late, but it has been a big day. Stacie D and have have been in Toronto and Now Niagra Falls!

@gmuxx joined me today to talk about freedom of choice. Our ability to control what we consume through our eyes and ears. I hope you enjoy!

Check out more with @gmuxx and the writersblock. As well as @noblewitness

My video is at DLive

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nice interview @freedompoint and great that you inspired @gmuxx to vlog.. nice work.


It was pretty funny...i stepped out to catch a breather and shoot a vlog and he was right there! He is good people. I hope he vlogs

He is really good people. He’s done two vlogs so far

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I love this! ❤️ I’m so glad all of us got to spend time with each other this week. Such a fantastic few days!!!