DLive - Steem Live-Streaming Platform with 2 Million Steem Power

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I have moved all my content away from the now centralized and controlled Steem blockchain to the decentralized Hive blockchain.


Wow you made it big in here! Good job! We have stuff to discuss regarding 1UP, please check your Discord!

the lag was so bad i had to give up, what a shame, i wanted to hear more about dlive, im on that spece and i wanted to see what the plan was, especially wanted to hear more about the delegated upvotes

I am really sorry for this. I have to investigaet what the reason was.

Going live scares me so much... however the rewards seem tempting.

I really don’t know if I have anything interesting enough to go live for!!

Yeah, it is a bit weird. But on the other hand it is like meeting with a friend and just talking what you want without the hassle of editing.

Does Dlive support mobile upload and streaming?


I've never live streamed.... good place to start!

Wow, this is awesome @flauwy! :)

So I had just tried to live stream but no image of myself came up. Screen was just black. I think it recorded tho. As it posted on my STEEMIT page lol
Any suggestion?

No clue. Try to test your stream by recording it manually. Double check all settings. Try YouTube streaming and see if that works.

Alright I shall do so. This is my first ever laptop so I am learning a lot. Also it is a Linux UBUNTU so it is a great computer, given to me by adept.

Yet an advanced Operating System.

Live streaming on dtube? Wowza! Now I'm going to have to try this out.
I've contemplated a vlog while I drive around doing Uber. Perhaps live streaming an actual ride or two would make for an interesting stream genre.

It‘s not DTube but DLive. A different platform.

Im ready

Thank you for clarifying this.
I bet this is not the first case of misidentification. 😓

nice post..
thanks for sharing..

wow! that's an awesome post

live streaming is a bit scary but on the other hand the reward is very tempting. what if something unexpected happen while filming the live video hahaha

going live now

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there is a lot of lag

can anyone actually see this?

the lag is terrible

difficult to keep up with the live streaming, the lag is awful

Excellent .. INTERESTING!

dude i dont think anynoe is watch this, you might as well abandon it if it is not being recorded as a video,

you are not responding so i am not even sure if this is live or not, ok, i give up

Sorry, I was seeing the chat too late because I was so excited. I broke up the video then and try to download it now. Doesn't really work, all super confusing. Not a great experience as a streamer. Sorry for the wait.

awesome news brother, thanks for sharing! :)

wow dtube is going on another level wow :D

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Thanks for being a pioneer. Sounds like there are a few kinks that need to be ironed out. I think I'll wait until it's running smoothly. In fact, I should probably make a few non-live videos first. I started making one a couple of days ago but ran out of time. I'm all over the place on Steemit. Would benefit from a little more focus me things! 😁

Woo amigo gran aporte estaré activo y esperando la transmisión mucha suerte y éxitos, saludos desde Venezuela:')

Great for content creators now they can get financial freedom too

cool so much member!

2 Million Steem Power wow i can't just believe it wow

with great power comes great responsibility :D

follow me then I will follow you back I am a new users of steem that is why please help me guys :)

Wao! this is pretty cool. lets go #Dlive stream

hello @flauwy I am always with this project. all the best.

oh wow so much new stuff coming out! missed yours but great stuff though!

Wow !!
It's was a big thing you've made.
Incredible @flauwy

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