Chasing my last 2 legendary Steem Monsters. Can I get them? Steemmonster 25 pack opening! Cool new graphics on the cards!

in dlive •  6 months ago


I'm missing two legendary cards in my collection.

I bought 25 packs.

I'm hoping to get at-least one!

Enjoy the opening!

New card graphics! They look great!

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 19.34.47.png

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I have what you are looking for!!!!


O man!! You are killing me.

Thats amazing! I just got mine and already excited now :) This was a great video and you helped me understand more about the cards. Didnt notice that I had rare and legendary cards already :)

I got my Baby :P



Mark @exyle can you Trade Her @hanen for this Card that You need for your collection ??


Trading just opened up. So know we can. But I must buy more packs :)


I am confident now Mark that you will have your 2 Legend Cards before the Weekend is done..................@exyle

Awesome pack opening video!

You were close: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) cards.


World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) cards.

That sounds way better :)

Mark @exyle When I collected Baseball Cards when I was Younger I used to get the same kind of excitement that you are getting now with STEEM MONSTERS........

Yeah... That's a lot of fun opening the cards and so addictive too, lol!


It is!

Feed the Bern.

Need to save up more SBD and buy more packs. The FOMO is real.

I'm impressed that you've got so many legendarys already @exyle. Sorry you didn't get the two you wanted tonight.

I tried to buy some the other day but the payment was glitchy and then I forgot to go back. Will try again if I've got time later. 😊


Good luck on getting some good cards!

Great card opening video was fun to watch but a shame none of the ones you needed were found, this was also great to those new to this game, but wow only 2 to go already nicely done @exyle

I didn't know this existed in Steem :O's blockchain. Where can I get information about this? @exyle

They sure do look great. Voted @blockbrothers already.

You deserve the best brother, you deserve to get everything you ever wanted though we don't always get everything in life but this is yours already, steam monster is yours, you got them already.

Wow, i love your graphic design, your video very helpfull, thanks @exyle,

I really need to try this game out when I'll have the time.

Looks awesome.

Good luck on the hunt exyle! Was fun watching you open those. Thanks for sharing! I think I'll try my luck on the starter pack later tonight. :D

It is looking great . Everybody already to go to chasing everyone

It shows that the game is being a success! It's very popular all talk about it, btw are you building a strong deck XD?

hi can you help me? how and where to click start streaming?

i am new but i want to post my game but when i go to live there is no start streaming to click, please help me

hi can you help me? how and where to click start streaming?

hi can you help me? how and where to click start streaming?