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Time-lapse colored pencils - The myths about being an Artist

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I am pleasantly surprised with your post. At this moment in my life, I feel very identified with everything you express. I started a little over a week ago in steemit and in my second article I share the fact that I made the decision (at 36 years old) to develop the talent of drawing after not having allowed it for many years. Since I was a little girl I showed certain aptitudes for drawing but as I grew up I left it aside even though I dreamed of being an artist and doing beautiful and talented works. But I did not continue by:

  1. The social conventions of which you just spoke, in fact I studied 2 university degrees that I have exercised at the time with satisfaction, but of which I do not live today, because I made the decision to follow my heart and devote myself to what I really love. Thank God I have been blessed to be able to live on it!

  2. As a young woman I did not dare to continue in the drawing because I did not consider myself talented enough as other artists, because I was not born with such prodigiousness that I would allow myself a brushstroke to make a tremendous portrait or a great work of art. How wrong I was! for talent is something that develops with constant practice and patience. I discovered it over the years because I am an artisan and I have seen how thanks to the years and experience today I create beautiful pieces and I can see my progress since I incised. This shows me that all talent can be developed.

I'm very happy to find people who are on this same frequency! Your words fill my heart with emotion, just today I decided to take the path to develop my skills for drawing and be a talented artist.

Thank you!

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Hello, @evacortez I hope you will keep creating art and make your dream come true. It is never too late. Just do what makes you happy. Thank you for sharing your story with us!


Thanks to you :) it's good to see that there are other people who share your thinking!