The REAL Reason WHY We DO What We DO

in #dlive2 years ago


Being seen at face value on the outside has its perks. One being that all of who we are isn't out hanging to dry where everyone can see. What is the detriment, when we always see others and ourselves so simply?

Well it's SIMPLE. We get farther and farther away from deeply feeling, and stay high in the clouds looking down at everything as if we're disconnected from our own existence. You and I both can feel that we are far from that. Especially when we douse our minds with the complexities of our hearts.

Its beautiful what we can do with our LIFE when we see the true WHY behind it all.

Do yourself a favor, Use your head to get to your heart.

My video is at DLive


Following those 'whys' is the way to get to the source of it all.

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