30 Miles Walk After A Day of Fasting [DLive Exclusive]

in dlive •  5 months ago


As promised in the Vid before this one, today I did my 30 Miles walk! It was awesome and tiring at the same time, but a process I need to go through as I'm soon gonna climb on the highest mountain in my Life.
Ate some beautiful organic & vegan treats meanwhile... They were delicious but made me a bit slower! I like to do things on empty stomach, that way I feel like I'm flying all the time :P
The day was perfect & I deeply enjoyed it, luckily my alias is strong! Documented every single detail specifically for you, watch me in my preparation for the climb & ultimately witness my adventure on the mountain of Triglav. Bringing every single part of the series on DLive!

My video is at DLive

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Thanks broski, appreciate it :)

I've been thinking about walking 26.2 recently.


Hehe oh yeah? You must document it then, mos def :)

Make sure to mention me :P

Looks like a very awesome and enjoyable walk.
Love it.


It sure was, just a bit tiring on some parts! :)

Thanks for your time, highly appreciate it.

Lovely walk you did there, what was in the vegan burger? If I may know :) it looks tasty!


Ofcourseee :) it was made from quiona, beans & seeds! Was delicious & sooo yummy but still, it's not raw so it slowed me down a bit :P

I like how you always bring something new, I enjoyed whole vid of the walk and I'd love to see more! You told me you are getting new equipment, when is that day finally coming? :)


Yeah, I did :( Waiting for SBD to moon lol! I've been stacking them for the last few months, fucking crypto man... But we are at the first train, what can you do I guess :)

lol man, sometimes you are just ridicilous but I guess only ppl who know where you are walking can recognize that. Do you even know how long a mile is? 10 miles would be from our hood to Jarun and back....


Well good point but this was just like 40% of my walk, firstly I did went to Jarun and even a bit further. Then I came back all the way to the hood & started going towards the city once again:


The final distance is at 26.6154 miles. 1 Mile is exactly 1.60934 Kilometres while 1 Nautic Mile is 1.852

I covered around 42 Kilometres of walking yesterday & it took me 10+ Hours.

And people don't even watch this, trust me. Barely anyone is consuming content these days, so whatever I do is mostly for my practice & amusement