Nairobi Safari Walk Adventure

in dlive •  3 months ago


Hey @dlive!

Happy Tuesday. I am here to share with you guys a wildlife adventure experience we had last weekend. If you enjoy and love animals then this is going to be a ball for you. As a country, we are very blessed and endowed with all manner of wild animals, it is one of our best tourism sellers to the rest of the world, and this vlog, you can see why.

See You on The Next.


My video is at DLive

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Que bonito! Nice adventure.


Gracias :)

Great video my friend


Thank you for Watching :)


Not a problem 👍

Wildlife in Kenya is freaking unreal


Hehehe! You Bet! I like confined spaces, Haven't been on Safari Yet Would you Believe that.

I have just followed you directly on dlive cause it is a dofferent count :) eheheh i love to see your vlogs. Now you need to start looking at the camera instead of looking to the screen eheheh :)


Hahaha...That's the problem with vlogging with your phone...aargh...I will get a camera eventually. Following you right back :)


I know the pain. Just keep practising and ypu will see you will be able to ignore looking at yourself. Just before press record tell to yourself that you need to look at the camera ;)

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