Elliot Plays (Dlive) - Come and watch me play badly!

in #dlive5 years ago (edited)


Trying out Dlive for real. Maybe playing live could be cool for a change?

For anyone who missed it

Which was everyone apart from this guy:
Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 21.45.42.png

I've uploaded the capture provided by @dlive to vimeo. I'm not sure whether it was my connection or the software that caused all the weird artefacts in the video but the audio seems to work just fine - I suppose that's more important for streaming live music but still not ideal.

My live stream is at [DLive](https://www.dlive.io/#/livestream/elliotjgardner/d530ebe0-f710-11e7-8d5a-f37be770bd68)

Awesome sound! 👍

Did it come through ok? I have no Idea as the video download is going to be about 6 hours!

It's offline :-(

Just uploading the video to vimeo and will post underneath

Although I do not understand English, the song is beautiful, just like you ... I will follow you to continue listening to you. I am new here, follow me so that you know more about, although for now it is wrong, of my beautiful and beloved Venezuela.

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