My Entrepreneurial Journey (One Year Later)

in dlive •  2 months ago


September 6, 2017. I was sitting in my kitchen after work, watching videos on Youtube and thinking about life and the direction I was headed. Oddly enough, a Tai Lopez advertisement popped up, and that is when it hit me. I wanted, no, I NEEDED to start my own small business.

From that day until now so much has happened, and my understanding and direction have evolved so much.

I don't encourage people to pursue entrepreneurship just to pursue it. For me, I truly did not have a choice; a mixture of personality, DNA, and having my back up against a wall because of my previous failures.

The only thing I can say 1 year later is patience is a MUST. High time preference money has misaligned human incentives. You have to think long-term and be committed and know yourself.

thank you for your time and attention, so much to share with you all in the very near future.


My video is at DLive

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Always good to hear a success story in motion...keep your eyes on the prize! ✌️


definitely in motion. I appreceiate yourbeliefe in me and your encouragement 🙏

Only go up from here. Excited to see you flourish. I can tell you're going to do amazing things in the next 5 years.


thank you for being a constant in this journey. Your the best virtual friend. And I hope you are right