Life's Substantial Moments - Its Better Together - Daily Dlive #32

in dlive •  7 months ago


Today due to some technical difficulties, our chore videos (voting) were erased from existence. Thankfully the wonderfully astute @ecoinstante got to work producing this wonderful compilation of photographs from our travels in the US so far.

God Bless you All, and see you tomorrow!

My video is at DLive

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Nice one dear friend. Have fun.

Now I see why the saying "two hands are better than one" is so true.

this was GREAT! Loved this video, buddy. I wish more people would put a little more of themselves for us to see, and get to know a little more. I have one question though, what kind of monkey was that up in that tree? Kidding, loved it!


Thank you for this comment! This is something I learned from @papa-pepper, being real on the blockchain. Your life stories are something very much like this, a piece of yourself for all to see.

Nicely done! You guys look like you have so much fun together! ❤


I'm glad it seems that way ;p

We really do have lots of fun together, she keeps me young and I keep her sharp, or maybe its vice versa!

They disappeared, or the votes disappeared, or both? That's awful! I thought DLive was the safe one that didn't delete videos.
Love the slideshow, though! You guys are so sweet together.


Oh no, I had taken some videos and they got deleted from our phone, it was a phone gaffe!

So far all good things about the dlive tech! Going to see what you're up to now....


Oh good! I was a bit worried!

I had technical difficulties today, no internet! They said they were improving our service. Ha! It is still the same as before. No change...