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I'll check it out. Very excited about this new platform

I will tune in in a second, but first, is DLive working right now? I was trying to setup my account and could not get past the step where you click Next. Kept giving me red text saying there was a network error or something.

I even tried out my Twitch stream and that was working fine.

Maybe I will try again shortly.

League of Legends is my main game right now. New season, time to rank up! GL to all, thanks for sharing.

Hey there, congrats on being showcased on dlivestar, that's awesome! Hope you get some good games tonight, good luck!

Congrats on being a DLiveStar. You have received your 50% upvote!

DLive's favorite feeder

heck yes!

congrats on the #DLiveStar award for last week :)

I'll BRB quick dinner!

#dlive is new to me to try, thanks for sharing yours.

I am unable to open it. What could be happening?

I have been strongly recommended this game, I'm going to keep an eye on it. I'm afraid it's about the time that I'm going to stay stuck in this jejejejejej

I love it and I am very excited to check it @dzboston33

awesomesauce DliveStar! You deserve it bruh! :)

You are welcome, well deserved.

Quick tip for the shop - if you use right click on the items, you only need to do a single click to buy. Makes for a bit faster shopping once you get into the habit of using it ;)

Haha tough break 1v3 on top :D Love the top lane when this happens ^^

the platform looks impressive, Dlive is on of my favorit, love watching this amaizing game, just maybe my internet is a bit slow and sometimes it stops


nice post ...
if u dont mind can u vote my post

creepy and cool
I like to thank you
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very nice I liked it tenks

Just a word; not able to upload. I guess the DLive app needs a few tweaks.