Back for more League of Legends some mid lane?

in dlive •  11 months ago


Back for some more streaming before the wifey comes homes for the night!

My live stream is at DLive

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Warwick forced you into that situation back there, you did well considering the situation.

ahh, love that Omega Squat Teemo. Love the way he's talking to his mushrooms like Tom Hanks' character did to Wilson on Castaway ^^

wp on that Fiora gank. I almost feel like a performer at a festival where I am done with my show only to let you start with yours while I enjoy my pizza backstage in the Green Room :D

btw the DLive picture on top left corner covers up the enemy champ info. Maybe move it down just below the followers text?

It's as good a placement as any. Not covering any game info, that's all that matters, I guess.

Cottontail Teemo is fine as well. I see you added the dlivelabs stuff on your stream as well. Was pretty easy to set up, wasn't it?

Shoutout to the viewers out here! Let this guy know what's up and I'll be seeing you all around. Gotta try and get some sleep tonight, K-Pop is the bomb! Good night, dzboston33!

P.S. Remember to try and use that right click on the shop ;)

Yup, was sticking around just to see if you'd use it :D Have a good one!

Next Lesson: Use Ctrl+Q/W/E/R to level up your abilities :D

man I just want to see you win and these small things can help out a lot once you get into the habit of using them. Ok, I am tuning out now, I promise! :D