DLiveStar | The winners for 7th to 18th of March!

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Dlive Stars 5 winners post here

7th of March to March 18th at 6pm CET

Your newly crowned DLive Stars!

In this post of DLive Stars we are ready to reveal the latest additions to the DLive Stars list! Remember that these users of the DLive community are rewarded for their persistence, activity, passion and effort that really reflects on their content on DLive. Which is why we are crowning these users the "Star" status and giving them the visibility they deserve.

The rules are the same as always, just like the amazing reward we are providing users!


  • Must use the Tag: DLivestar to be eligible


  • 60% vote from DLive.
  • Resteem by DLiveStarBooster.
  • List the streamer’s name in our biweekly ranking post (maximum 3 streamers every 2 weeks)



The unexamined life is not worth living.

@gamesjoyce is from Belgium and has been using the DLive platform to stream for over two months. From the Stream-a-day challenge to playing some of the best games on the Steam library.




@yukimaru is one of our favorite content creators, keeping it real and catering to a large audience during broadcasts. Yuki is also a part of the #SteemGC community, just like gamesjoyce - it's nice to see our gamers uniting together. steemgc.png



Partnered Live Streamer - Video Creator - XSplit Elite - Humble Bundle Partner - Powered by Elgato

@tidylive is a very valued member of our community and suggest everyone follow his Steemit profile! He puts in the effort to help users in our Discord! When Tidylive broadcasts you can expect a very high quality stream that's entertaining for hours, definitely deserved the title of #DLiveStar



Do you want to be DLive's next Star? Look out for the new campaign post coming soon at @DLive.

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Visit the DLive website!


Congrats guys!

OMG wait what? tears streaming down my derp face @[email protected]

Thank you for all those who dropped by my livestreams, for all the lovely viewers, to all who commented and chatted, i cherish every minute you spend with me. :)

The support in this platform is amazing, brings joyful tears to my eyes. You will really feel you are a part of a family. <3

Just you wait, i have a lot of content in store for you, and i hope you won't get tired talking /chatting with me. You know where to find me. ;)


You did it man! WOHOO!

Congratulations all winners! Especially @yukimaru I always see you active in discord and streaming all the time!

Thanks brotha! Someday i will do those lengthy streams like you do @realseb. :) I just need to have a better internet for that. Keep on streamin'! <3

hey i am having problem with my dlive video uploading is something wrong with dlive or its notmal

failed, reason:TypeError: Cannot read property 'data' of undefined

Mostly fixed with a relogin. For further help pls asked in our discrd server. https://discord.gg/vnXQBsM

Gratz to the winners. Nice to see yuki, Tidy and my fellow counter strike m8 gamesjoyce here. This weeks winners pick is splendid!

What an awesome platform right? And an epic community indeed! :D

Congratulations @Yukimaru!!! I'm happy you got to be part of the DLiveStars. You certainly deserve it brother. <3
Looking forward for more great content from you.

Also congratulations to @tidylive and @gamesjoyce! I'll make sure to check your guys streams from now on. I'm surprised I missed them so far.

It was really unexpected bro @cipriang. I didn't noticed it at first, but when a saw a notification that you mentioned, i was blown away. UwU
Thanks for the awesome support bro! I have a lot of classic titles in store for us all. And hope to you join you someday on your fortnite journey too! ;)

congratulations on his victory @ yukimaru

Sounds great man! We should definitely do that. ;)

Also, the same was for me. Really unexpected, but overall an amazing experience. :D

Congratulation for all winner....! Specialy for my buddy @yukimaru.
I hope be a winner in next time.

Hey buddy @alincexgu, thanks for the support bro! Just be consistent in streaming and in the community buddy, keep up the great work! :)

You are wellcome buddy. After holiday I live stream again.

These competitions are beautiful and wonderful I [email protected]

I like videos related to games
I hope that your project will receive more success and progress
thank you for youre efforts @dlive

What? Did you make this @hassanbenali ? This is fly!

Question about the rules:

Must use the Tag: DLivestar to be eligible
Must also have DLive logo in the thumbnail to be eligible

Since the DLive logo is now automatically added do we still need to have the logo in the base thumbnail?

No longer required! We just updated it, thanks for pointing this out @ajaxalot

Awesome, thanks for the clarification!

Congrats everyone, looking forward for the next post!

Congrats to the winners, Im glad to see someone else streams/records Diablo 3 on here. I was streaming Diablo 3 and werent too sure if people were into it.

Can anyone help me with the streaming on DLIve, I have done it around 10times now and every time i tweak the settings and everytime my stream is blurry and laggy and im not sure what im doing wrong.

I usually use my Elgato HD60 for streaming on other platforms and my streams are smooth and the picture crisp. Im not used to streaming via OBS and cannot fathom how to get a better picture.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

(Upvoted for visability)

Do you know that you only see the raw quality of your stream in fullscreen mode? If you need further help pls visit our discord. https://discord.gg/vnXQBsM

Even in the small window the picture looks bad. Thanks man I will check it out.

First of all, congratulations to @yukimaru and @tidylive!

I'm truly honored to win this award. Thanks to @dlive I've really discovered the pleasure of streaming. I never thought I would actually enjoy it as much as I do!

I've been working on a way to promote DLive on Twitch and YouTube, so this award couldn't come at a better time to keep me extra motivated to move those plans ahead. When everything is set up and running, I'll make a post about it on my blog.

So, thanks again and another cheer for the other winners! Huray!

(Shameless self-upvote to make sure my appreciation is noticed. ^^)

Congratulations to @gamesjoyce @yukimaru @tidylive #DLiveStar - Not only do you all have my congratulations as a fellow content creator but you also have my congratulations as a CEO who appreciates hard work and dedication to said content creation.

Congrats to all new DLive Stars :) @gamesjoyce @yukimaru @tidylive

Good to know... So dLive is like Twitch?

Yes its similar but no we dont want to be Twitch. 😉

I see... I see :)
I'm glad, I discover dLive in steem space. All the best!

Congrets to the winners :)

Congrats to all new DLive Stars gg guys @gamesjoyce @yukimaru @tidylive

Congratulations to the stars

Congrats everyone .. you all deserve it ..@yukimaru dude I was waiting for this moment .. you rock bro.

Bro @jordanx2, you are the man! Thanks for the constant support and i am so happy you enjoy hearthstone now. And i can't wait when you visit Manila bro, let's rock this town! ;)

Congratulations to the 3 new DLivestars :)

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And i would like to say congratulations to @tidylive & @gamesjoyce! Keep it real bros, keep on streaming! God bless! :)

Congratulations all you DLiveStars!
Through this post I'm following all of you and have joined the SteemGC Discord (which looks like the Discord I've been searching for - thank you!).
I agree with @hassanbenali, these contests are really a wonderful thing - only because these streamers obviously deserve some dap for doing what they do.
You are all so inspiring to me as I've recently decided to dedicate myself to gaming, streaming, and writing; sharing my journey on DLive, DTube, and Steemit.
So far it's been a blast and I'm looking forward to watching some of your streams, especially @gamesjoyce ! Really diggin' your style (your handle is brilliant).

Can you help me. Thank you

Visit our discord for help and tell us your problem. https://discord.gg/vnXQBsM

cool posts and videos,
I will learn to use dlive

congrats !!!<3

hopefully the next time can be selected to be one winner

has dlive forgetten their promise, Dlive its unfair you know??

Which promise do you mean?

Recently Dlive campaign,

Recently Dlive campaign,

Congrats to all new DLive Stars :)


gg everyone :D and all the winner

Awesome congratulations to the winners! Keep up the awesome jobs!!!

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Congratulations to all winners.

Wow.. Dlive will be very fun.
This is a very first impression from you guys.
I will be streaming my live games her as well.
But i may ask. Can i post my videos there. Dont get me wrong , am just a new member on steemit .

I upload and live-stream on Dlive.

Yes, you can stream and also use our video upload service. We appreciate both kinds and all types of content.

Congratz to our new DLiveStars!

Is it worth it to upload videos on @dlive if I can't do streams ? I know you guys don't take a cut compared to dtube 25% but you place is mainly for Live. Do videos get noticed too ?

@tidylive helps out a lot. Kudos to him.

<3 Thank you

Congrats to all DliveStar Winners! Keep up the fantastic content guys!

This looks exciting. I can't wait to throw up a few gaming vids!

This is freaking awesome! I love my DLive. I was on DTube and DSound quite a bit til I got this working on my end.

Such a generous community too. Thank you for all you do and for being excellent in the help department. None of the other services have been so responsive as @DLive has been and I'm sincerely excited to be a part of this community.

Nice working :)