Campaign | Love is in the air!

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Hello DLivers!

DLive wants to bring you a new campaign to celebrate Valentines Day!
Come celebrate this chocolatey, lovey-dovey day with us!

For this campaign all you have to do is create a video expressing your love to a significant other. It can be a current significant other, a pet, or even to a hypothetical future love. It can be a poem, a song, or even a spoken love letter! Your video must follow these simple guidelines to be eligible for DLive’s Valentine’s Day campaign!


  • Video must be uploaded to
  • URL must be given in the comment section below!
  • Video must be at least a minute in length
  • Video must have DLive logo in the thumbnail and video
  • Video must have the Tag: DLiveLove
  • Only one entry per person allowed

This campaign starts Feb 14, 2018 and will last until Feb 16, 2018.
The reward of this campaign is a potential 1-10% upvote.
Selected videos will possibly be used in a DLive Valentines Day video!
You can only be rewarded once, good luck!

Happy Valentines Day,

From the DLive staff

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hello guys !

I do not have a significant other at the moment but here is a video that shows my love for my friends :)

I would go anywhere with these guys !

I hope my video is still applicable :)


Can we make the animations and upload here?

You could call this the "DLove" campaign...

could be understood very falsly tho. Thats why I like that Comment :D

and make the little triangle in the letter D a heart shape :)

hahahha the D lovers

Ooo... I like that haha.

Easily the best comment.


@doctoryak Yeah reall it is the "DLove" campaign. This actually brought in my mind a reminiscent of early days in college when it was difficult talking to girls. Everyone gets letters from boyfriends and girlfriends and after it became so awkward for me i had to start practising the act of writing love letter to myself, then fake a name as though it were another girl from another college.

That sort of improve my reputation. And since i am still single now, my own DLive video might see my do a video for another girl that never exist, down street.


Great idea @dlive

Thanks for having this great event! It is interesting!

this is a fab idea! :) i'll make sure i shoot some video today for this! :) happy valentines everyone! :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is how I love YOU @dlive! :) Happy Valentine's Day!


Different take on Valentine's Day :P Funny and somewhat vulgar way. My audience know this series. Episode 20

Here's my entry for the contest. I hope you enjoy it :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Happy valentines day to all steemians


this is too cheasy for me.. but I am gonna try :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hahaha.... Honest Answers deserves support! :)

Thanks @leotrap !

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey lovely people , here is my lofeely entry
Little advise: All tags has to be written in small letters...

Thank you for the opportunity @dlive and to became a cause to buy some present to the ones I love!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

nice campaign. I will make a video with my girlfriend. :)

Would a livestream cut the deal? :D

"a hypothetical future love" Thank you dtube.

Hey everyone I made a special Valentines Day video, please check it out!


@crypto-moon Ohh woww! Super love it! The sweetest of all!

Hi everybody. This is my special video for my Valentine's Day Campaign

Oh I love it!

I have not been able to use dlive, anyone can help me

hi. This is my special video for my Valentine's Day Campaign

Very nice post amazing...

Thanks bro
Very nice post you have shared

This is good news I got lots of treats for my mother this valentine it is amazing to see valentine being implemented into the steem community so this post put me in a better mood so thanks @dlive for the picture should make it your new logo for the season because it looks so nice.

Image result for happy valentines

Thank you for the information
oo yes your writing is very good indeed
I love the way you organize words

Soo...sorry.. idont know how to make a video,
But i must to say we are one world. Be harmony and love for all...just sorry i cant make a video..i'm @rahmadzaini..from Aceh .Indonesia thanks..and please vote me with love and brotherhood..

Dlive LOVE


I am very sad, it has been a few weeks I did not participate in the stream di dlive, I many left dlive after the first few weeks dlive present in the interesting campaign, ranging from "what is dlive" "dlivestar" "dlivegaming" and many more exciting campaign dlive for dliver . I had time to enliven dlive campaign, but after that my laptop is damaged and can not come live streaming again. from tomorrow I can stream again, if dlive still accept me again .. #dliver

This campaign is cool. Sharing unforgettable moments with the one you loved on valentine's day is great.

@Dlive hitting you with that #ONELOVE this week! Happy #ValentinesDay to all you ladies & gents!


Nice idea i will look what i can do about it ;)

Linki buradami paylaşacağız ? @dlive

Oh, this sounds like a lot of fun.. I am trying to get into some of these contest.. This looks like a good one .

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Am into this campaign whether hot or cool.
That will actually be my first dlive video and i will make it perfect😂
Love love love in the air

Happy Valentines Day


Thank you for this @dlive


Canlı yayın işi biraz zor... When I uploaded the video I get the sound but no picture I am not sure why??

Can we do a voice over for the video or must we appear on the video ourselves too @Dlive?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I wonder if this, is the question.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I believe you can do a voiceover as long as the clips on the video are your recordings, not copyrighted images from the web. All sorts of different approaches to make the video are very welcome!

Thanks. Will do.

Nice post, thanks for sharing

Nice campaign @dlive, ok, ok We will work 😀

captivating love campaign.. thanks brother for sharing

Whew. Really putting myself out there guys, talk about "get out of your comfort zone" stuff.

Hello everyone my valentines are my students and I talk about them in my video. You can find the link below!

I am gonna sharee about my love in @dlive campaign

Hi everybody. This is my special video for my Valentine's Day Campaign

Very good post

So my little contribution has a lot of fun greetings

Dude, do you know what a video means?! Your entry is a PICTURE lol..make a video and edit your post:). Wish you good luck!

Nice Initiative Team!

Thank you, @leotrap

Hello sir ;)


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I hope the steemian friend will direct and guide me in working in this steemit.

So many of my introductions, greetings to all steemians friends and wish us all to be successful.
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it's finally done! - we had a great yesterday! :)

That's a good initiative.Hope to participate and win.

Hello all, this is my video i hope you love it!

nice campaign. thanks @dlive

Dlover <3

This is dedicated to my queen @clove71. I love you and Thank you for loving me!

Great Idea!