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Watch League of Legends and play with us!
Song request on chat!
If you hear strange sounds it is beatbox ;)
Have fun!


  1. Can't change game or topic when i'm in live...
  2. Bitrate drops when are +2000kb (my upload 10mb)
  3. "Search Videos" don't work.
  4. Sometimes stream dissappears from website when im live.

Please fix it, thanks!

My live stream is at DLive


steemit is change part of your life if you have lot of steemit you fill vary happy

LOL is a very old game. It is very strong that it is still here!


Rewards Pool Farmer Alert

check out the comments section of @ryacha21 above. (https://steemit.com/@ryacha21/comments)

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HE IS DOING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. He is farming the pool.. If you could help it would be appreciated..

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Also kinda a dick move to use the actual good post of another person to post a comment for no other reason to come back and farm it later.

Post Author, @dirapa I do apologize.. This dude makes no actual articles of his own so the only way to draw attention to what he is doing is to comment his comments. My sincerest apologies for cluttering up your blog, outing the abusive self voting behavior of @ryacha21

goodnight :)

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