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Nice Video!

Dude, trust yourself. All of those gadgets are just toys, perhaps tools if one spends a lot of time and effort analyzing the data. For long distance rides you want to be breathing steady, and still be able to talk without much trouble, save your energy for hills, catching other riders, and most importantly, you should have some gas left in the tank at the end of a ride if possible. Intervals increase strength, which increases speed, if that is important, do that once and awhile, it helps to have a riding partner or something to chase!

Weather affects everyone, if you are brave, get a beater bike to ride in the rain, at least its fairly clean there.

In Shanghai there is all kinds of sewage and dog poo runoff that, even with fenders, is pretty nasty, and I have slipped and crashed a few too many times, so I don't do wet roads so much anymore if I can avoid it.

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