Let's Play SteamWorld Heist - Part 5 + Giveaway!

in dlive •  last year


To win, you just need to name the person who is on the bottom right side of the stream. I repeat, his name is what's important and not the game's title he is in. If you know his name and you are the first person who could guess it(during the live stream), you win 1 SBD.

My live stream is at DLive

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Yeah, it's a fun game with a good sense of humor ^^

Captain Piper Faraday

above the sbd giveaway text

this game looks like a lot of fun

and the answer is Jackie Estacado

hi there!

Yeah, it's a fun game with a good sense of humor ^^

hi there @jacksartori the giveaway is related to the guy on the bottom right

It's indeed Jackie, or should I say, Jaaaaaaaaackiieeeeeeee? :D You are the winner, congratulations! :) Sending the prize right away!

What's up cryptosenpai?

All good!

How are you?