Lets Play Slime Rancher

in dlive •  last year 


Hey Guys and Gals let have some fun and play Slime Rancher.

Everyone loved it last night so lets give it another shot. If you want to see me play another game, just let me know!

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My live stream is at DLive

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Im doing good! Hope you are too :)

victoria island?

why hello there! how are you today good sir!

hello seacactus ..your one of the famous here. Nice to see u!

hello! whats your dinner?fried chicken for me later lol

that made me blush a little I wont lie! haha

im doing man Just hanging out checking out streams!

doing good*** I can't type at all lol.

ahahaha its okey!

ya that's always the challenge. I might go for boxing VR again even though the game frusturates me to no end haha

ya, no one else seems to be doing VR so might as well. Ya every upvote big or small is always appreciated!!

i just follow you seacatus will see you there.

I want to see the Canada from your live lol!

hahaha! Maybe if the mobile app works better I'll stream walking around nearby where I live.

yes that will be fun more i can imagine!

oh? vancouver very nice!

crypto_moon can go bars with gogo girls

crypto-moon mom is canadian thats makes him half

i have egg now lol my breafast

so his also canuck

im half monkey half flower

you should give me some of your game in steam lol or ill ust downlad this keys on my lappy that you save haha! so i an live also playing.

joke! not gonna play

ya you should be able to share games through steam. Crypto-moon just has to set it up.

you have thousand. i can give it to koko? lol he wants the battle ground

no cactus hahaha.. this laptop i use has some of his keys. we live together before

ah okay!

are they a bunch of humble bundle keys?

yes and other stuff..my only game in steam is dota lol my son and daughter both play it

daughter is 19 and son is 15.. they love that game playing with friends

kate will sign up here soon in steemit!


alright I gotta go hop around enjoy your streaM!

laterss. will drop by your wall

nice stream

hi Achlord!

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