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Yes an AI mind has the perception of eternal life, but mechanical objects could be structurally destroyed. How does the object transfer it's knowledge when it is self-creative a d self-dependent? I guess AI will also figure that out on its own.

Greed, jealousy and envy. Truly, these are results of human limitation. But do you know man is competitive in nature. Even if the human mind is eternal, those three vices could still come up, as a man probably wants to achieve that goal before his mates.

This is a wake up call for us tomorrow get rid of greed, jealousy and envy. They actually do a lot of evil, and eventually graduate into worse states of hatred and bitterness.

nice to have you back

We live in a 4 dimensional world
height, width, depth and time
when you want to meet up with someone you pick a place and a time.
measuring time is what humans created to coordinated in our 4 dimensional space.
We use our orbit around the sun and our spinning on the axis to create the 24 hours and 365 days everyone uses.

A machine has no sleep cycle that goes with the sun, instead can do millions of operations in a fraction of a second.
Which is why time lengths of hours, days, weeks, months are very VERY long for a computer. Computers can calculate so much in such little amount of time that it is believed that by 2050 a $1,000 computer will be more capable than the entire human race today...

We are quickly moving into this computer era and a lot of people are fearful for what can happen when technologies acceleration gets too fast.


Speaking for myself, the perception of time hasn't really changed through technology. The need for ever greater precision has though.

As we travel farther and faster, we enter new frames of reference. Our most familiar use of time is in reference to our Earth the solar system we’re in. When we leave the planet we need to travel much faster and we are gone for extended periods.

Time is an expression of motion. While on Earth, only our own motion, relative to an apparently still Earth, is meaningful to us. To travel to other planets and beyond we must concern ourselves with the motion of many other objects. It’s like driving without traffic lights, regulations, or any other controls. You have to study the other objects before you leave, chose your route well, and time things perfectly.

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I thought this was the guy who was promoting bitconnect, that scam... where people lost billions? That house of cards where newcomers got smashed by guys like this?... 128 thumbs up and 40 views? Wtf..... This guy is the shadiest thing since John Podesta


Thank you for confirming i am "NOT" crazy!!!!

I think its really terrible to have people like this here, we need less of him... He's a lying fake and a scammer. Hope he repents.


to be a professional scammer....
you have to have absolutely "NO" empathy for your victims.....
to be as efficient at your craft as possible!

i doubt he knows the meaning of the word repent :-(


Wow, great point, sir! And that he is. A professional scammer. A PROUD FRAUD......
Hahhaha... Just too many unaware people here on steemit, I guess... This guy should be getting shat on... What a loser.

Video is very impressive with your smooth style
The human mind has no limits and has not yet fully understood
But how will we know that robots
Become self-reflection and control
If it becomes like this, it will be a disaster
On humans and will become vandalism
If we are hungry, it may come to us
This is the result


VERYYY interesting on the perception of time and AI. What about bringing one to Christ Consciousness?

i am flowing & please follow my post..@runa44

Nice to see you back man, I think you are headed in the right direction. A lot of people were upset at first but I think you are creating the right content and saying the right things and it looks and sounds very genuine. Keep the positive vibe, you earned me back as a follower :). God bless you and your family.

And a provocation, if You accept: envy in not necessarely a bad sentiment, it can be the root of motivation, if meant as different from jealousy, that is pathologival and "green" like in Amlet "Otello"; if You envy someone You start a desire and, if You are able to apply yourself with all your energies loyally, that can be the base to built your future; I'm italian, and looking italian history from Middle ages to Renaissance I see that all the developpement of atr and culture started because each town was in competition with the neighboors, always trying to be the best, trying to surmount the others with someting more amazing; just a contribute for reflection

Your reflections about perception of time follows in part the idea of time that Heiddeger developped in "Being and time", I don't know if You ever read it; he says that the time exist only if being exist, is our life that create time, with what he call "Dasein", the conscious existence.
You make PHilosophy :)

you are back :D

Very nice project

Kita hidup di dunia ini tidak bisa menebak apa yang akan terjadi kedepan cuma kta hanya bida merencanakan apa yang akan kita lakukan kedepan

Artificial intelligence can recognize in the faces what's the sexual orientation that has a person.

very nice post bro.