NEW: MinnowFund Upvotes!!

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Introducing MinnowFund Upvotes

Today I had a great idea that I want to share with you all. Over the last 9 weeks we've delegated out 650 SP to new Steemians thanks to @minnowfund, the @brandonfrye upvote bot, and its delegators. But it's time to take it a step further!

Watch me live or replay today's video for details!.. :)


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Great initiative as it incentivizes all those involved in the application process. It will also lead to more applications.

I hope it does bring in more applicants. Some weeks we have a LOT and this past week we only had.. 5.. I think. So this should increase the number of entries. They just need to get them in fast because the first 10 that meet the requirements go to the voting round. 👍

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

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I love your initiatives.
You make success on steemit easy.
You are really a great support to us all.
This is great, thank you.
I participated before on @minnowfund.
With all these updates, i would like to try again, if you will permit.
I guess the cool off period maybe over.
@brandonfrye a big thank you from Cameroon, West Africa

It's a really good sir, thank you very much for doing good

This is really cool sir, keep the good work flowing.

Your work is really nice good job boss @brandonfrye

Interesting! I'm new to Steemit and trying to learn some more. There are things that I don't understand but I want to try. How to join?

Hi @mkgatz13, welcome to Steemit! It looks like your account might be a little new for @minnowfund but we'd love to have you submit an application once your account meets the requirements. You can checkout the @minnowfund account to learn more.

Hi @brandonfrye thank you for your reply I'm planning to buy some steem power to be able to participate. I will check the minnowfund account. Thanks!

Sound good Brandon, they will appreciate the upvotes! Enjoy your trip to Asia!

Thanks, I appreciate it @giddyupngo!

It might be something wrong with the recording @brandonfrye, it doesn't start.

Hey @gadrian, thanks for the feedback. It's been working fine for me so I wonder if the network was experiencing load when you tried. I really don't know. Let me know if you still can't view it.

Sorry, I tried again, same thing. It could be something at my end, if no one else experiences this issue.

I've just belonged to your family in steemit platform