Censorship on Social Media and How It Impacts the Flow of Information

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My Experience with Users Censoring Users on Facebook

Today I want to discuss censorship on social media and how it impacts the flow of information on certain platforms. I’m not referring to the censorship from the actual platforms themselves (Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc, etc.), but rather the end users. This seems to be one aspect of censorship most people don't talk about and I find it super interesting.

So follow along with today's video as I share with you a recent experience I had with Facebook. I'll explain how I feel Steemit is breeding a whole new generation of social media users. These are just my opinions, but I would love to hear your feedback!

Please note that I'm still learning how to operate OBS Studio, lol. I failed to switch scenes for the intro and the comment picking, but I did edit it for your viewing pleasure.

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I really hate it that sites like Facebook have started using algorithms to dictate your wall of posts. Now its just full of terrible posts instead of the most important things by my friends. Youtube is doing the same thing with adding algorithms that give you videos in place of the normal by date subscription feed... Really hope more people would move to steemit.

Me too. There’s no such thing as chronological order on mainstream social anymore. Really threw me off when IG started that. It makes it almost impossible to catch up with your favorite people... if you follow a lot of people.

Nice. But do you mean a comment upvote or one a post? Thank you anyway! :D

Comment upvote here :)

Thank you for the upvote! I will probably use it to get more steem power for my account.

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

Too funny. I'm sure I know the company you are talking about because I'm being pitched it everyday LOL

But that's not the issue that you addressed and I COMPLETELY agree with you about the censoring / emotions....

This is the blockchain..And it's all out there for everyone to see. Some will agree, others won't...You shouldn't get too emotional about opinions, because that's all it is....Other people's opinions.

Yeah you might know who it is lol. Pretty shady stuff going on. But yeah, gotta let the words roll off your back when it comes to social media. Words are cheap.

Nice video but I wish you would dual upload it to Youtube. I gave up after like 30 minutes and only making it halfway through. I think Dtube and Dlive use ipfs which lacks bandwidth.

Thanks for the feedback, @mysearchisover. I may start doing that! In fact, I will. :)

Awesome! I wish we had something credible to take down Youtube. Dlive and Dtube will never be better than Youtube if they can't work right. :(
I wonder if your coder could come up with something?

I don't know if he's that good, lol. I personally think Dlive is much better than Dtube in that area.. but there's still some work to be done. Time will work out the kinks I'm sure.

Facebook and google are perfect examples of the problem of centralized platforms that can dictate and influence what content is promoted or censored.

It may not affect everyone but where internet is not so great, facebook also just feels like a cumbersome beast to load. Too much. I don't like using it. I hope Steem stays relatively speedy, although I'm happier that it relies on witnesses etc. to run.

Yes, if we can keep Steem as open as possible, and community-driven then that'd be a good thing. But I think some centralised control will also have to remain.

There really is a LOT going on with FB these days. I took the app off of my phone because I felt like there were just too many things to check in on. I just use my computer for FB now lol. And, I too, hope that we remain a small platform. We don't really need all the bells and whistles of FB-like platforms. All those bells and whistles were created to bring in more revenue for Zuck anyway. ;)

Well its a good thing that we are all here to experience the differences between centralised platforms and decentralised platforms. They both have merits and ofcourse demerits. As time progresses, we will see all these things play out.

Thank heavens for the presence of alternatives.

Yes we will. And I am glad we have some alternatives for sure!

Censorship is dumb as it prevents good comments like constructive criticism for reaching the right people to adjust accordingly. However, there are times where it is necessary as I would not necessarily like my daughter to find herself on certain facebook pages.

Right, differing opinions often get censored just because of one's own version of a story or facts.

And that's a good point. Parental censorship might fall into another category. I know if I had kids I wouldn't really care to have them on certain sites and forums lol.

Very cool video Brandon! I have been super busy I have a lot of your stuff to catch up on! :)

Hey @mrchef111, glad you stopped by. And glad you enjoyed it! :)

Anytime! Your content is great! :)

Steemit changes a lot our perception about social media, doesn't it? Even if it still needs to improve. Once you get back to the classic alternatives, you realize it's so much better.

It really does. In just 6 or 7 months I've grown very accustomed to the way things operate over here on Steemit.