A Quick Statue Tour of Conquest Comics

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A quick look at the over 1250 comic statues and busts we have in our shop, Conquest Comics. Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, Boba Fett abd more. Come take a peek with me! This is my first time trying this out so I’m sure it’ll be awful but here we go.


Ok well this didn’t work at all. Lol. Back to the drawing board. It gave me errors. Anyone live stream from dlive on an iPhone with no problems?

Oh no, pls try again here, that Catwoman image is sweet!

@steven.nam ok I had to put up a YouTube link but check it out. I’ll try Dlive again later

Holy crap 1,200 statues/toys !! You do well presenting man, got a good voice for it. I need to direct my friend Hal over to your store

Thx brother! I’m no confident at all on camera but hoping to shake that over time as I’d like to eventually start vlogging on a regular basis. Gotta build up to it. Where does Hal live???

Totally the same here, have no confidence on camera or even voiceover! I agree, you did great.

@steven.nam also that 1200 plus number is just the statues and busts. We also have over 5000 figures plus just under 3000 pops!!

It’s not capable of streaming direct from an iOS device yet as far as I know. Most folks use OBS software to encode & send their stream right now so you need a computer intermediary.

Amazing selection! I just recently bought my first statue ever, looking for some geek decor that’s a bit more upscale!


Conquest Comics will be the purchase point of the second statue in my collection!

Badass! Love that piece. We have it at the shop as well! Woohoo!! Maybe when I get more followers I’ll do a contest for a statue or a gc or something.