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sup. my stream earlier messed up, dunno if it was because of update, lets see if i can get some wins in scrubG xD

Todays games

  1. pubg
  2. maybe some league or cs:go

My live stream is at DLive

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haha dude yesterday was pretty insane with uhat.


what is going on here! trolling level 100?

no lags on my end

#CHICKENDINNER BABY!!! 50 more you got this bro! @binir

get it @binir :D

peaceeeee to the homie!!!!

slap em good Binir

hey there! seems to be working well! :)

Dlive got updated really recently


hi ,, what's there


Wuih, never die!!!

Lol i like making shit. Less so shooting people. But i did shoot my friend in the head in garry's mod before. spontaneously. idk why. little carthartic.

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