Just want to let know in case you didn’t see it that @apitt925 wrote he would translate to Korean. Anyone has my permission to translate to any language/audience and republish any of my public blogs or comments (unless I have expressly prohibited it with on the post such as with the statement “all rights reserved”) as long as they kindly provide attribution and a link to the source.

I will send you an email now. (EDIT: I never received an email reply from you)

Amazing that you write this tome of super informative analysis of how Steem ecosystem works and you get $1.29. And then you have Haejin post 2 paragraphs on a BTC chart saying "Good time to buy" and he makes $700. Something is seriously wrong with STEEM. The reasons you mentioned are the reasons why I write on Medium and not on here. Why put time/money/energy to make someone else money. It seems like a rip-off for any content creator that isn't personally approved/supported by a whale. I mean why even bother?

I will make you aware of my analysis of why Medium’s business model is broken. I rebutted Ev Williams the CEO of Medium and co-founder of Twitter. Note the linked comment is on my new blog which is for naming the project that will replace Steem.

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