The Whaleshares Blue Report Show - New Live Show from Whaleshares@!

in dlive •  6 months ago


-This week we are very privilaged to be joined by @officialfuzzy and @thewalrus, who will be discussing MASDACS, which gives people the opportunity to simultaneously cross post to several platforms. They will also be talking about how Whaleshares will be a mutual aid DAC.
-We'll start the show with a news round-up of all the most important Whaleshares developments of the week, giving you guys a full weekly update on what you need to know and who you can speak to about anything Whaleshares.
-We will have the Coffee 'n' Crypto session with @chiefmappster
-We'll also have a music session with @seveaux who will be discussing music matters, highlighting the work of musicians on the platform and giving us a little music treat.

My live stream is at DLive

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Hey @bambam808, thanks for recording the show and what an epic first show it was indeed!