Comedy Open Mic Round 20

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This is a video of man pretending to be crazy.
In my village there is a man, he often scolded his family, he often shouted late at night.
Society thinks he's crazy.
One night, the young mans pretended to take the money in his pocket, he fought back and he said "do not take people crazy money".
All the youth laughed, and finally everyone knew, it turns out he's just faking a madman.

I am nominate @murtalaumar and @muhammadiman for participate in this contest

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Well, it's because of the text below the video that I could understand a bit what was going on. But when you don't understand what they're saying, you wonder until the last second what the hell they're doing there.

Other than reading the text I was pretty confused about the situation.

good trick... i think ill try that one