I AM BACK :)))

in dlive •  6 months ago


Hellooo guys and girls!! Sorry I have been away for few weeks, working and travelling and seeing family!! I am back now thou and will try and be consistent with posting! I have got soooo many exciting news and videos to share, recipes and just new plans and goals!!! I have just finished filming a new TV show which will be really good :)) I hope!! what have you been up to people?? Anyone else been taking a vacation?

Miss you guys!! Alla xxx

My video is at DLive

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Greetings, Alla

Glad you're back. I could not see the video because it says it's still loading.

I missed your posts. I hope to see you every day from now.

Thanks for coming back and good morning !!!


heheh thanks!! it should be up now :))

Ah nice to have you back @allasyummyfood.
At least we can have watery mouth seeing your cooking xD


heheh yes!!

Yaaaaaay! Welcome back Alla. How have you been and hope everyone is doing great?


thank you!!! ive been good !! and you?


Doing great dear. Feels so good to hear from you again.

Welcome back. I was wondering where you were. It's always great now and again to take a break and to go off doing other things. It helps to build a bigger picture of your dreams. I will be down in London next week to meet up with Stefania to launch a new #DigiByte #Blockchain Marketing and Promotional Campaign in the U.K. if you fancy meeting up for a coffee. Stephen


yeah for sure :)) thank you Stephen!!! yes lets do that!!! which day? do you have my number?


Hi Alla. Great. Text me on the #Promo-UK #Steemit "Bat Phone" number 07546 957973. I will have the "Bat Phone" on me when I am in London. Look forward to catching up with you next week. Thanks Alla. Stephen

Welcome back, Alla. Glad to see you are doing great, new TV show? Cool.


thank you soo much!! yep very exciting!! a dutch production company show about animals, food and travel!

@allasyummyfood Yay!!!

Welcome back, hope you had a restful and fun holiday visit with friends and family, happy steeming. Will check out video for more on your trips and travels.

stay blessed.


yeah it was really good!!! :))) hope you are well!


All good my end, all the better for having you back :-)
Happy Steeming/Steepshoting/Dlive-ing

Hi Alla

Welcome back. I've had a great summer. Lots of time with family. Lots of time on the beach. a trip to Devon.

The video still hasn't loaded and it's now past the 3 hour mark! 😢


thanks so much!! ooh lovely!! sounds amazing!! thats really bizzare, its a 1 min video... :S

Welcome sweet heart @allasyammyfood
We all are waiting for your new blogs.

good to see you back alla!!


thank you!!! :))D

Welcome back.


thank you ;)


you're welcome.

Welcome back, Alla. Steemit missed you.


heheh thanks!! :))