How to make Money on Steemit? (Part 7)

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This video is about how to make money on steemit. Ok... the amount of times I have been asked this question.... is crazy! Here is the video for all of you!

My top tips to succeed on Steemit :

  1. Add value to the platform ( either by being content creator or commentator)
  2. Bring new people to the platform
  3. Build Your reputation
  4. Build relationships
  6. Be passionate & Creative
  7. Earn money

Unfortunately without either of those points, you will not last long on steemit and won't make money. All of the points come together and are as important as each other.

Steemit is a community and a new social media platform where you are rewarded for your time and efforts.

Become part of the community, don't just chase money.
Nothing in life is easy, everyone who makes money - has worked hard and long. I worked for 4 years without being paid, patience is the key.

Watch the video and let me know in comments below what are you planning to do for Steemit.

Why do you deserve to be paid?

My video is at DLive

This is really important video for all the newbies but also oldies. I recorded these videos a while back, but I gained a lot of new followers who havent seen these, so I hope they will be useful for you!


Wow, the one video that made me follow you long time ago,. really really really thanks for this, i never had the chance to express it but i love that video, thanks a lot.

Ooh thanks so so much :) glad to hear that!!

Ohhh and you read it! im done, im fucking done hahaha. It must be funny to you but from some you are a rockstar.

since i got your attention, again, i wanted to say thanks for that video i've shown it to a lot of people.

on another totally different topic, i wanted to congratulate you since i saw the post where you got downvoted, it seems berniesanders is against you.

The war in steemit to me is nonsense, from one side you get envious people who are not happy because someone found a way to make a lot of money creating lots and lots of content, more money than others , and to make it more nonsense they don't go against other people who also make a lot of money, others whales, others bots other witness. this people also flag and DESTROY newbies accounts who get in the middle of the war and people who have NOTHING to do with the war.

in the other side you have a guy who is defending himself of envious people and don't want to concede to censorship in a DECENTRALIZED platform. He also doesn't wanna share his profits but hey, he doesn't have to at least not in a FORCED way.

anyway, i wanted to support you but i got afraid of getting in the middle of the war and right now you are strong enough to defend yourself from bernie but i'm still too small for now.

thanks for everything!

Add value to the platform ( either by being content creator or commentator)
Bring new people to the platform
Build Your reputation
Build relationships
Be passionate & Creative
Earn money

I love the fact that EARN MONEY you put on the end ! This platform is like with everything in life - of course you may get lucky and make money, but I think that money without being passionate about something is nothing!

Yes exactly!!!! I know most people need to come here not for money but if they make something they could be happy!

wow...wonderful i like it thanks for sharing

Very well said... It's true not jist making money... We have to be patience and we need to post relevant and original works or blog
If sometimes we don't get upvotes ... Just continue posting and you can learn a lot and could become a good blogger in the future.

Thanks great video I am new first day! hope to stay on top of posting! thats my only issue is staying consistent lol

Yeah we’ll try your hardest!!

will you do a part 3 for smartsteem?

Hahha what else would you like to know about snartsteem? I think I covered it all ;)

i was thinking you could go more in-depth with the people who get whitelisted. like the perks of being 1 star, 2 star, and 3 star person. also i was hoping maybe you can talk about youtube. I heard people have to make videos 10 min long in order to monetize.

Thank you so much on this - I really need it. :)

Love your view and your words. Best direction for all of us ! Thank you for sharing

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ooh wow lovely :) thanks so much!

thank you for sharing the information.
my sister @allasyummyfood

Look around ... people post one-sentence posts with zero importance, and make hundreds right away. Why? Because they already have attention. They can not lose, and those in other positions can not win. By design. It's the same deal as the lottery, like a regressive tax.

Yeah but that’s just abuse of power and the platform.

I think patience is the key.If anyone wants to millionare in a span of days then that is possible only by magic or alladin's lamp.

hahah yea exactly!!!

Thanks for sharing, and nice idea with these helpful videos! Hope all's well

I get you but is easier said than done

I loved each and every point of yours, they are so strong enough to influence the creators...

You transformed my thoughts to words. Thank you.

Your post is very useful for me newcomer. I agree with you but to move forward in steemit takes a long time. Thank you for the great post..

And don't forget to comment and reply and meet people on the platform. You do a great job of that, and it may be one of the secrets to your success.

Great point and valuable words in your post and video really will help to work in this platform with patience and hard working. In thus way we can be success in this platform obeying your main points.
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Excellent work I liked it so much I wish I could continue your work on this as I will give you all the support I hope you will support me if possible Thank you for your time

Thank you for your straightforward and humble messages about steemit. It is great to have such good instructions about platform. This make a change.

I'd like to follow you. Unfortunately when I watch another video of yours, the button is again on 'Follow' instead on Unfollow.

Thanx alla for this truefull words. I will really believe in words, because it's not only here on steemit, this reasons are mostly in a lot of different business. But it's also known today people has no patience, so most of them are "jumpers" from business to business. But at the end they reached nothing. It' like you are mining gold or silver. If you stop to early, you'll never earn. Thank you for sharing your opinion. i'll catch your point on my to do list.
Greetings from the carribean. mikeCee

I like this post how we can learn more. I hope the best of your life.

This video sounds like a scolding video. Nothing wrong with people coming in just to make money. Who says they cannot post great content! Who are you to judge anyway. Can you be a bit more neutral and go straight to the point? ..... by the way you need anti-glare eye glasses