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So me and @ingaaa had more of unusual monday... we bought tickets to see shakira probably good 4-5 months ago and it was our thing. Me and Inga has watched many concerts together and it was one on our list. Thing is back in the days, we grew up on shakira, madonna, britney, rhianna, justin timberlake, j lo! and all that lot, so a lot of old old songs !! In terms of concert i thought it was good, but not amazing!!! i mean i have something to compare it with, but if you have never been to one - you would love it for sure!!! Watch the video, i only recorded the best and well known songs, and its really teh atmosphere what is so amazing in these places.
Have you been to any concerts? let us know :))
Alla xxx

My video is at DLive

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Greetings, sweet and dear Alassyum

Nice of you guys to go to Shakira's concert. I'm from Brazil and I know she's from Colombia. I mean, it's common for her to come here because she's on the same continent. Besides, she's very famous here in Brazil.

When I was very little I remember her making success with the song "Estoy here ", you know?

It was 1 hours when she sang the chorus that was very fast, like this:

Estoy here Queriéndote
Between pics y Cuadernos
Between Cosas y Recuerdos
That in the Puedo understand
Cambiándome UN pie by
Cara Mía
This Noche by El Day
Y nada le Puedo yo hacer

Now I know she sings songs with English language too. It draws more people to hear it, like you England.

I appreciate the post and her memory.

Thank you and Good morning!!!!


thanks :) glad you liked it!!

Never been to any of her shows before. I know you will both have fun, no doubt. I look forward to seeing your pictures.


hehhe yeah it was fun :) hope the video loaded this time?


i didn't check because i don't want to be heartbroken. Hahaha. Let me check.


Still breaking, though i am still watching. Had to switch to my laptop but i still managed to watch it. The way its breaking has improved though.
You have practically seen them all. Hahaha. Pink, Jlo? Nice. You guys look so good. Beautiful ladies.


yeahh i think it might be internet connection!!!


Dlive doesn't like me. YouTube treats me better. Hahaha. Thanks a lot dear

I have never seen her perform before , looks a great time @allasyummyfood ! I used to go to every concert that came to town back in the day lol! its been a long time now, the last concert I seen was years ago in Vancouver B.C Canada when Elton John played! Now that was the best concert I have ever seen! thanks for sharing the video with us! upped/resteemed!🎵🎤🎸🎶🎼


ooh wow awsome, never seen him ! yeah there is something about the atmosphere and the energy!

First of all, why do I feel old now when I read someone say that people grew up with Rihanna? That shouldn't be a thing with me just being 28!

That being said, I actually enjoy Shakiras music quite a bit. She had some great songs back in my day (Okay, I can see it now, I am old, clearly).

Also, those magic hips of hers.....


hahah me too! dont worry :P


Nah, I'm not worried. I don't grow old, I just get better.

hmmm... the concerts I've gone don't allow video recording.