More weekend Fortnite noob action in the 50 v 50 event, come watch!

in #dlive5 years ago


Back with some Fortnite 50v50 action. May have some friends stopping by to join as well, so be prepared to laugh at us noobs.

If the stream goes on for a while we may switch games over time.

My live stream is at DLive


Make sure to say hi in the chat!

Playing with @jjshibbycray and @moneymatchgaming make sure to check out their streams

Game winning kill of 50v50 baby!!!

Got it on XBone but unsure if I can play with ya... may have missed my opportunity to play cross platform.

Any thoughts on an XPS desktop?

think i may have found a good deal on something, i'll have to run it by you and get your opinion at some point

Never seen a port a fort, pretty cool

love the bush lol

reminds me of loony tunes... forgot to hit send

Me too man, i'm scheming on a gaming pc at the moment.

i may do some streaming

And i will be at the meetup, i know where WeWork is, my girlfriend was there for a bit while they were remodeling her other offices a while back

looking forward to it, i'll go rsvp. let me know if you need any help with anything

is there any way around the delay?

had no idea you were red/green color blind

have a great stream friend :D goodluck! add me!! vote my stream too if you can <3


lol , just looking out

He said dang... like I'm sorry you're old. lolololol

then i must be ancient...

lol awesome. get Zan a headset

that game can be very frustrating

so can you find me based on my gamertag now that i think i've linked it all up?

you know my name

that was some good timing with the delay

thatd be pretty cool actually

I am the bushman, koo koo ka choo

check the discord

you should do it as a post later, with tags and stuff. That's like actually good blog content

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