#ulog thimotyamore DailyVlog#5 |Piso Promo ($0.019) Each Coffee and Hotdog Sandwich at 7/11 in the Philippines (7-Eleven Convenience Store)

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Hello Dlivers and Steemians Great day to everyone, because of busy day I just post this today.
your two pesos, where can it be bought?
Me and my friends found a PROMO at 7/11 convenience store which what they call the PISO BIG BITE and PISO KAPE for only ($0.019) each.


the HOTDOG sandwich is not available because promo end today but the CITYBLENDS 8oz coffee is still available on the promo.


This is a very rare PROMO of 7/11 store so we grab the opportunity since nowadays you can't buy anything that costs for only 1 peso here in Philippines.

Here is the info on how you will claimed the promo of 7/11 convenience store.
Procedure on How to claim:
  1. Download Cliqq App on Playstore or Apple store.
  2. Register your number.
  3. Open rewards balance.
  4. Open rewards catalog.
  5. Click rewards catalog.
  6. Click promo big bite hotdog or city blend.
  7. Redeem and type promo code

Promo code:
-PISOHTDOG for big bite hotdog
-PISOKAPE for city blend
then click reward wait for the confirmation text and show that message at 7-11 counter.


My video is at DLive


hanggang ngayon na lang ba yang promo na yan sa hotdog @ailyndelmonte? eh ung promo nung kape hanggang keLan?😊

Open ka cliqq download mo kung may free pa na coffee

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