[Acid Streams] CS:GOGO

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Time for some more CS:GO!

Anyone getting tired of this game yet? Cause I'm not, even after 2 losses the last games. Hoping for some better luck this time! :)

Come try out the new dlive chat which won't use your posts to comment with - I also have text to speech set up so I'll hear your chats midgame!

My live stream is at DLive


Please comment on dlive chat instead of here! :)

Good luck to you. Hopefully today's gaming is really great sir.

Trying to comment on dlive chat, but I'm always late. You're so fast as lightning. And when I come the stream is over :'(

Can't remember the last time I played game. I've been reading too much these days

Time for profit
It's a very distinctive game
Continue with the numbers

I wish you the very best in tonights game @acidyo. You've really been on this rank for quite sometime now and it's time to break lose.

Make me proud tonight and win this Shi...#smiles

Let the game begins, SSG gang, wealth in stock, we’ve worked all day now it’s time for fun . Go gamers have some real fun

I played for years, I was even selected from my state in Venezuela, I still have my steem account, use the steem to play or are there new ways to upload server? It would be nice to try to retake my form in this game

Can remember playing CS from the first version they bought out years ago @acidyo things had changed a bit i see. last time i played was when condition zero came out. Sadly lost interest due to some playing the same old maps. coughdedustcough

Watching the game but still haven't played. Friends play on their phones

my little brother always play this game...i canot play this game

Prepare properly before starting gaming and strengthen yourself.

lets start!

I wanted to try the Dlive but i thought we could just use the posting private key to log in. Any reason why we have to use our active key?

Let's see boss,You keep killing some enemies and we continue to have fun.

Aww my favourite game!! i love this game so very much!!

I wish I had enough data to stream this.
I wish you luck though.

best of luck for this time

Tired? No way!!


go 1.6 instead lol)

Have fun and enjoy the game :)

Good luck for this time @acidyo this game has great graphic quality

Incredible ordinary shooting game, who is the target target means to lose

You play me tonights very well.
@Syidyo Wish you really have been this round several times now and it's time to break the breaks @acidyo

TEXT to speech is going to be a huge help. Yup upgrading your pc is always a good investment. Let’s get started and shoot

They sure are late, but a good warmup will never hurt.

Cornered haha

Aim is betraying you now

It sure increases blood pressure watching it too much going on and gets killed prettymuch

I am watching hlol

No one is watching except me lol

Yup i am on dlive

Why isn’t anyone joining yet. Wanna see some team action.

Same place warmup

Lol terrorists are everwhere like ants yup roof is the main problem

I think he was the same giy who didn’t die first lol

It’s 3 am and no one is turning up gotta sleep. Warm up welll and screw them.

I wish I could play it :(

Hopefully, very soon!

Lol well that ends comments reward xd, no more comments to upvote via the dlive chat😂