[Acid Streams] CS:GO with @steemgc

in dlive •  6 months ago


CS:GO every day ya'll!

Let's get some headshots in today, shall we?:)

My live stream is at DLive

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I've bought a new mouse, does it counts as a PC upgrade? I'm almost ready to play CS.

I saw this on his stream.

It was fantastic and still, I don't know how he has done it. Perfect crosshair placement is something I want to acheive in CS:GO

Are you playing CS? What are your feelings about this game?

Thanks for this video. I'm waiting for more. Keep doing :)

Hey there mate. What's up dude ?
Missed your streams. Today I'm going to join you in this live stream, so hey here I am.

Yes for sure! Everybody is ready as usual :)

@acidyo well and marvellous your live stream is on Dlive,
Keep hard working our love and support is with you.

News about upcoming game??


Your new friend Hussein Nubi is always ready with you for the best

Yess,there was a great news for players who wanted to play PUBG with low system. Now we can play PUBG mode in CS: GO. In this mode, which is developed by a community producer, we go to the parachute map and make a loot like the PUBG, and we are clashing with our competitors. This is a great Battle Royale, and it's pretty cool. :)) @acidyo

Woah I miss shooting heads of my enemies.. CS is the only PC game I know and I love it.

@acidyo When i play the game I suddenly fps drop during game play. I see that the eating is still not more than 60 to 70 times the standard 150 200 range. the video card is up to date and everything on my computer is based on high performance, including game settings.

@acidyo sometimes i also play CS:GO with someone Love this idea. Hopefully this event will be successful and it can branch out to the US? I have been playing counter strike for 5 years and would love to get a team together to participate :)
Will there be a stream of the tournament? Steemian shoutcasters perhaps ;)?

Really nice competition!! Unfortunately I don't play CS:GO so I wish all the participants good luck! I'm looking forward to a pubg competition :D

Whenever I connect in Steemit and your streams are over, I should say it is bad luck or I do not coordinate well the time :(

New game for steemian..good information..great.!

playing now..

when someone stares at something of their focal point seriously and beliefs then there is nothing that he can not accomplish, surely can with the spirit and hope to be champion

Congratulations @acidyo!
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